Use Doodle to Make an Online Poll When Planning Group Events

Tina Sieber 19-06-2009

doodle pollMeetings, parties, where to go, what to do and most of all when – life is full of options. Making decisions is all the more complicated when a group of people has to agree.


And then there’s always that poor fellow, who has to communicate back and forth with everyone to find the best solution.

If you’re sick of it, try the following Doodle poll tool.

doodle pollDoodle is a webtool through which you can make an online poll to schedule an event or make a choice. Registration is optional and creating the polls couldn’t be any more simple.

This is where you start. Select the type of poll you want to launch. You can choose between “schedule an event” or “make a choice”, i.e. event or choice poll.

create doodle poll

The first step if you want to make an online Doodle poll for either poll type is the same: you set a title, add an optional description, and provide your name and eMail address.


The next step in scheduling an event is selecting the possible dates.

create doodle poll

Following the dates, you can add available times and set further options.

Doodle supports time zones; options offer “yes-no-ifneedbe” style polls, which allow the voter to weigh their selection; the Doodle poll can be hidden, so that only the creator can see the answers; also the number of OKs (votes) per participant can be limited.


create doodle poll

Setting up a choice poll is even more simple and gives you the same options described above.

A poll goes live once you hit the Finish button. You will be provided with the participation link, which you can send to the target crowd. Using the administration link, you can edit or delete the poll.

Below is an example of a running choice poll. As you can see, Doodle automatically does all the counting for you.


doodle poll

As I said, creating an account is optional. Having an account makes sense when you’re running several polls at once because it will help you keep track of them.

Taken together, Doodle is a decision tool cooked down to the minimum. Using smart settings and options, it can become an invaluable helper in everyday life.

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Will you Doodle? What works best for you in juggling group decisions? Share your ideas and solutions within the comments!

Image credits: woodsy

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  1. Gregory A. Blake
    June 19, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    I'm using Doodle for quite some time now and I think its perfect and getting better and better...