How to Use Cortana’s Picture Reminders in Windows 10
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Cortana has lots of awesome functionality in Windows 10, including search, reminders, and just goofy fun. If you’re a forgetful person who utilizes reminders often, you’ll appreciate the ability to add pictures to a reminder that Cortana sets for you.

This is coming soon in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but can be accessed currently by Windows Insiders.

To set one up, open Cortana by clicking her icon on the Taskbar. Open Reminders by clicking the lightbulb icon, followed by the Plus icon in the bottom-right corner. Type a few words or more to be reminded about, then click the camera icon to the right of this box.

You’ll be able to choose Library, which lets you choose a photo on your computer, or Camera, which lets you snap a photo using your webcam.

These won’t be appropriate for every reminder, of course, but they could definitely come in handy at times. Maybe you want to snap a picture of an item to buy later but might forget exactly what it is, or you had a certain window up on your computer that you want to take a screenshot of and recall later.

Reminders are useful for preserving those snapshot moments that come into your head, and adding a picture helps them be even more vivid. Try them out and see if they don’t help you remember even more!

Do you think you’ll appreciate picture reminders, or do you prefer plain old text? Let us know in the comments below!

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