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Why You Should Use Apple Reminders to Share Lists

Saikat Basu 23-06-2017

Did you know that a collaborative list app already exists on your iPhone?


Yes, the plain and simple Apple Reminders isn’t only about your own to-dos. But with a few taps, it can be transformed into a collaborative checklist for friends and family. The modest checklist is one of the best mistake prevention tools Use Checklist Templates & Tools to Prevent Mistakes When we're busy or stressed, we quickly forget the basics. This human flaw makes checklists so effective. We show you how you can create your own checklists to save time and money. Read More around.

Think about some creative ways to use a Reminders list on your iPhone. Here are three quick ideas:

  1. Beat back procrastination by putting down stuff you need to do. And, then set the reminder before you share it with the one person (or group) who can keep you accountable. But do know that reminder notifications aren’t shared.
  2. Pass around a “fun things to do” list as each member of your travel party adds their idea of fun activities to it. Anyone can add, delete or strike out items on the list.
  3. For a brainstorming session, you can post a problem to your group and give a checklist of ideas for them to think through.

Apple Reminders isn’t a sophisticated planning tool. But it is a useful one!

How to Create a Shareable List on the iPhone

  1. Create a new list by tapping the + icon in the top right and select List from the menu below.
    Why You Should Use Apple Reminders to Share Lists Apple Reminders List 01
  2. Give your list a descriptive name and assign a color from the palette.
    Why You Should Use Apple Reminders to Share Lists Apple Reminders List 02
  3. Your list is ready. Tap Edit on the top right. A new menu is displayed below the list name with two items – Color and Sharing.
    Why You Should Use Apple Reminders to Share Lists Apple Reminders List 03
  4. Tap on Sharing, then tap on Add Person in the Share with screen. The final screen allows you to enter an email address. You can also hit the + button to add someone from you contacts directory.
    Why You Should Use Apple Reminders to Share Lists IMG 4851
  5. Once you have added someone or more than one person, tap Add. iCloud will now send an invitation to the other person. You can see the list of co-participants on the Share with screen. Just add others to this list anytime later.

To stop sharing a list: Open your shared list and tap Edit. Now tap Sharing and swipe to the left on the name of the person you wish to remove. Tap Done when finished.

But the Best Reason to Use a Shared List?

A reminder list called Family is an automatic feature if you set up Family Sharing Apple Family Sharing Explained: What You Need to Know and How to Use It Apple's Family Sharing service lets your loved ones access a shared pool of content and subscriptions. Here's how it works. Read More . Add reminders to it and they will appear in the shared reminder list on everyone’s devices.


Remember, up to six people in your family can share each other’s iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts. A shared reminder list is a handy way to keep each other aware and connected. All it takes is a few seconds.

Have you discovered the power of any type of list? How do you use Apple Reminders to share lists?

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