Usaura: Create Click Tests For Your Webpages

Umar 20-07-2011

Click tests are a simple way to determine whether or not your website’s layout is serving your needs. A click tests displays your website’s image to a person and asks them to click someplace. Their clicking area shows which part of your site is attracting the most attention. Here to help you create click tests is a tool called Usaura.


click tests

Usaura is a free to use web tool that lets you easily create click tests. You can start by uploading an image of your website and then specifying a question. People who take the click test will click an area corresponding to the question you asked. Your click tests appear on a unique URL that you share with people. The results of the click test can be easily seen in the form of a heatmap and a clicking map.

The site also lets you take click tests and help out fellow developers with their designs.



  • A user-friendly web tool.
  • Lets you create click tests for your website.
  • Shows heatmaps and click maps for your site’s image.
  • Lets you take click tests.

Check out Usaura @

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