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American Voters Exposed Online, Apple Endures Terrible 2015… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 29-12-2015

American voters have their details leaked online, all Apple products sucked in 2015, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t owe you any money, Google Glass is back, and the teenage gamer who sought revenge.


U.S. Voter Database Leaks Online

Voters in the United States have had their personal information exposed online for all to see, and there’s very little anyone can do about it. According to CSO Online, cybersecurity researcher Chris Vickery discovered a database containing the voter records of 191 million people. This database was live online for several days, and was wholly unprotected from prying eyes.

Vickery hasn’t revealed the whereabouts of the database, or who compiled it. However, it’s known to contain the full name, home address, voter ID, gender, date of birth, phone number, date of birth, political affiliation, and recent voting history or everybody included. Which, if the 191 million figure is accurate, is likely to include every single registered voter.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has been notified of the database, but no investigation has yet been confirmed. Thankfully, the database is no longer publicly available.

Apple Failed to Impress in 2015

Apple has endured a troubled 2015, with most of the products it has released being received with a slight shrug of the shoulders rather than unbridled joy. Sure, the Apple faithful Apple Branded a Cult, Android Branded a Monopoly... [Tech News Digest] Apple is a cult, Android may be a monopoly, Facebook cares about refugees, Netflix knows when you get hooked, Mighty No. 9 has a release date, and the 4K documentary shot on an iPhone 6s... Read More has continued to buy these products in bulk, making Apple richer than ever, but the company still seems to have lost its way. And that could have a knock-on effect in terms of attracting the next generation of consumers.

This isn’t an original statement, with Gizmodo kicking the whole thing off with an article titled “Everything Apple Introduced This Year Kinda Sucked”. Even The Verge, which usually has a high regard for Apple and its products, admits most of the new Apple products and features launched as if in beta. Which means they are, at best, works in progress, and not the finished article.


Part of the problem is the sheer number of products Apple launched this year A Hype-Free Guide to the Latest Apple Event... [Tech News Digest] It's an all-Apple edition of Tech News Digest, with a look at everything Apple revealed at its latest event. Albeit minus the hype lumped in by other publications. Read More . The company used to be known for concentrating on a handful of products, which were made as perfect as possible before they reached consumers. But now we have multiple Macs, multiple iPhones, multiple iPads, the Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Music, and more besides. None of which are quite as good as they should be. Unless you disagree, in which case you should tell us why we’re wrong in the comments below.

Facebook Is Not Giving Money Away


Just to clarify once and for all, Mark Zuckerberg is not giving money away to random Facebook users The Different Types of Facebook Users - Which One Are You? Read the following descriptions carefully, and if one of them sounds like you, I want you to confess in the comments section (henceforth known as the Confessional Box). Read More . Unfortunately, the post suggesting this is the case is spreading like wildfire. We really wish it was the case, and that we were first in line, but sadly, the truth is much less exciting.

At the beginning of December Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan launched the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Mark Zuckerberg Launches "Charity", Adobe Kills Flash... [Tech News Digest] Mark Zuckerberg secures his baby's future, Adobe signals the beginning of the end for Flash, Microsoft seeks peace for Christmas, Google launches its Santa Tracker, and Uncanny Valley unsettles gamers. Read More . However, while this charity (which is actually a limited company) will be the beneficiary of most of the value of the couple’s shares in Facebook, people like you and me will not see a penny of it.


In other words, STOP SHARING THIS RIDICULOUS LIE! Please. For the sake of the children. And my sanity.

New Google Glass Has Been Leaked

In January, Google announced the end of Google Glass, at least for the time being. Most people assumed the project was on hiatus Google Glass Goes On Hiatus, Legally Share Movies Via Wavelength [Tech News Digest] Google Glass is dead, Wavelength offers free movies, KeySweeper spies on keyboards, using Facebook at Work, YouTube interviews Obama, and an iPhone 6 doesn't get lost in space. Read More , and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed as much Google Glass Will Return, Woz Predicts The Singularity, and More... [Tech News Digest] Google Glass will return, Woz warns humanity, Twitch gets hacked, Netflix has arrived down under, embedding Reddit comment threads, and Siri and Netflix clash. Read More in March. Now, almost a year on, it looks like Google Glass is set to make a comeback, with details of a new model having been published on the FCC website.


The new Google Glass looks, well, very much like the old Google Glass Google Glass Review and Giveaway We were lucky enough to get a pair of Google Glass to review, and we're giving it away! Read More . The biggest change appears to be that the new Google Glass can be folded up like a regular pair of spectacles. The prism also looks larger, and the charging port has changed. But beyond that there’s very little to distinguish this from the previous model.


Despite this appearance on the FCC website there is no indication of when, or even if, the new Google Glass will be launched. Current speculation suggests this is the Enterprise Edition likely to be aimed at businesses, with a wildly different product being designed ahead of the consumer reboot, currently codenamed Project Aura.

The Perfect Xbox One Revenge Plot

And finally, Christmas is surely the perfect time to get revenge on someone. That someone being your dad. A good dad. A dad who bought you your first car when you were 16 years old. Because to your addled teenage brain, a Honda Civic just wasn’t as good a gift as an Xbox 360 10 Of The Best Xbox 360 Games You Must Play [MUO Gaming] At this time of year more than any other there will be a host of new console owners getting to grips with their system. And after they get bored of the games bought alongside their... Read More .

To get his own back, the teenage victim of the original prank recreates it eight years later. Now 24 years old, he fools his dad into thinking he’s got an Xbox One Microsoft Xbox One Review And Giveaway The console wars are officially raging, and we've had sufficient time with both of them. That begs the question: how does the Xbox One compare? Read More when in actual fact it’s just a box of rocks. Still, there’s a happy ending thanks to a satisfying twist.

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Are you shocked to discover information on voters being exposed online? Which Apple product(s) disappointed you in 2015? Has anyone you know fallen for the Facebook money scam? Are you still interested in Google Glass? What’s the best gadget you have ever been given for Christmas?


Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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  1. theNextsTeveJobs
    December 29, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Apple's printing $; but Wall Street's not impressed. Little did they notice that while Apple's been printing $ , and everyone else has been losing money, Apple's opened up like another 10 stores. Meaning that Apple will be printing even more $ and leaving me at least to wonder how much longer can the competition hang with Apple? Or even stay in business. Guess we'll know when Apple announces a $20 Billion quarter at the expense of its competitors.