Uppsite: Easily Convert Your Website Into a Mobile App

Hammad 27-04-2012

Uppsite is a helpful online tool that allows web developers and webpage owners to convert their websites into apps for mobile handheld devices, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.


convert a website to a mobile app

The whole process will take about 3 minutes and once done; you will have a fully fledged website-compatible app for the selected mobile OS. Mobile compatible apps are great as they allow users to browse your website in a user-friendly manner.

Not only does Uppsite allow users to make an app out of their website, but it also gives full permission to edit the look and feel of the app and design it as they wish.

Just enter the URL of your website into the URL box found on the main page of Uppsite and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be required to install the Uppsite plugin on your website, activate it and the whole process will be complete.



Check out Uppsite @

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  1. josemon maliakal
    August 9, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    This is really a cool site, i had converted my website into a mobile application ..thanks for the info

  2. Rob Hindle
    August 9, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Problems: Firstly on the home page they should make it clear that it only works with a few types of site e.g. wordpress

    So I tried it on one of my wordpress sites but I host it myself rather than at and couldn't see how to get it to use that.

    Maybe it's more capable than my quick look suggested - the video demo looked significantly different from the interface I was seeing. I tried registering to see if I'd then get that interface but no.

    Having said that even the demo doesn't really seem to be, as the title of this page suggests, "Convert Your Website Into A Mobile App" looked more like "create a mobile website".

    And, in all honesty, how much use is a tool to Convert a Website Into A Mobile App?
    Suppose a web page designed for a decent sized screen has as much content as a page of A4 paper and you want to display that at readable size on a screen 2 inches wide - the result is giong to be a narrow and enormously tall page. I'm sure it makes more sense to review the content and build a much simplified mobile version, just providing the main function.