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Upload Photos To Facebook Automatically And In The Blink Of An Eye With These Tools

Nancy Messieh 16-03-2013

upload photos to facebookWhether it’s automatically uploading photos on the go using your phone, or automating uploads from your computer, there are several handy ways you can take the hard work out of getting your photos into your Facebook profile with a few easy steps. With most of these options, all you need to do is set up the option to automatically upload photos to Facebook, and then you can forget all about it, and leave your photos to sync automatically.


While there are certain issues that should be taken into consideration – that not everything on Facebook is foolproof and that by using a lot of these services – you are granting them access to your personal photos and to your Facebook profile. As is the case with any cloud-based service, you have to decide whether or not the convenience outweighs the risks.

Upload Your iOS and Android Photos

If you want to upload photos automatically from your phone, Android and iPhone users can take advantage of the native feature offered by Facebook’s official mobile apps.

The way it works, for both Android and iOS, is that you can automatically sync all photos on your phone to your Facebook profile, but they’re uploaded privately. You can then pick and choose which photos you want to make public for your friends and followers to see. iOS users will have to be on iOS 6 in order to take advantage of this feature.

To turn this feature on using your phone, launch the Facebook app and go to your Timeline. Click on ‘Photos’ – there you’ll find three tabs – Photos of You, Albums, and Synced. Tapping ‘Synced’ will take you to a window where you can turn automatic uploading on. All your photos will begin to be automatically uploaded, but Facebook does limit you to just 2GB worth of photos. You can choose to sync photos over Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi and cellular, and can choose whether to sync all of the photos on your phone, or just the new ones.

upload photos to facebook


As the photos upload, you’ll receive a notification on your desktop browser letting you know how many were uploaded.

facebook photo uploader

After opening up the photos on your Facebook profile on the computer, you can then select which of these photos you want to make public. The album of synced photos will feature a checkmark on it. Click the checkmark and click ‘Share photos’.

facebook photo uploader


Some people voiced their concerns when Facebook first introduced this feature, and some of the points made are worth keeping in mind before enabling it.

Sync Folders on Your Computer

SocialFolders is another easy way to sync photos to your Facebook profile by simply copying the photos to a folder on your computer. We’ve introduced you to SocialFolders in the past Quick, Easy Ways To Download Photos From Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Google+ & More With the amount of information we post online, we're putting an awful lot of faith in third party services to keep our content and photos safe. Between Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Google+, there's no limit... Read More , focusing on the feature in the app that allows you to easily and automatically backup your photos from Facebook to a folder on your computer. The great thing about SocialFolders is that it can be used in reverse.

facebook photo uploader

To upload photos to Facebook, you can create sub-folders, and the album will take the folder name. You can also automatically set these folders as public or private inside the SocialFolders’ settings. With these privacy settings, SocialFolders gives you complete control over how you choose to share the photos that you sync to your Facebook profile.


facebook photo tools

From Dropbox to Facebook in One Step

Using a handy free service, Dropboxautomator, you can set up an automatic rule. Every time you upload a photo to a specific Dropbox folder, it will be automatically uploaded to a specific Facebook album. Dropboxautomator works both with Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. Of course, as is the case with any online service, you have to take into account the fact that you will be granting a third party access to both your Facebook and Dropbox accounts.

With Dropboxautomator, you can set it up once and forget all about it. Choose the folder in Dropbox (you can also create a new folder directly from within Dropboxautomator):

facebook photo tools


And then choose the album you want the photos to appear on. (You can also create a new album from within the app):

upload photos to facebook

Automate with IFTTT

Needless to say IFTTT is a great way to automate just about anything – and syncing your Facebook photos is no exception. There are several different ways you can take advantage of this when it comes to your Facebook photos. You can use a recipe that will automatically upload photos from various photo sharing services or from backup services. Here are a couple of handy recipes you might want to use:

Upload Photos To Facebook Automatically And In The Blink Of An Eye With These Tools ifttt

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to automatically upload photos to Facebook? Share them with us in the comments.

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