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Upload, Display & Share Your Flickr Photos The Easy Way

Nancy Messieh 19-07-2010

<firstimage=”//”>share flickr photosWhen it comes to sharing photos online, Flickr monopolises the playing field, and with good reason. With any popular website comes many third party apps aiming to make your experience all that much better.


There are all sorts of applications created especially for uploading, displaying and sharing your photographs, as well as a whole raft of ways to sift through the countless photos uploaded every day.

Below is a list of a few of the easiest cross-platform applications that you can use with your Flickr account allowing you to upload, display and share your photos.

Upload Your photos

The official FlickrUploadr is the best option available for uploading images to Flickr, without having to use the website. It gives you all the options available on Flickr, from adding titles, a description and tags, as well as adding photos to sets, and choosing privacy settings.

After authorizing your account, click the ‘Add photos‘ button, and you will be able to navigate to your photos, and select as many as you want at one time. Alternatively, you can use the drag and drop method to select your photos. Adding information to each photo is done by clicking on the image, and entering all the information you want to accompany your photo.


Flickr Uploadr is compatible with Mac and Windows.

upload flickr photos

Change The Way Your Flickr Photos Are Displayed

You can generate a link from On Black that will display your image without any clutter around it, and best of all, with a black background. Generating the link is easy – get the URL of the photo you want to display, and enter it on the On Black page.

upload flickr photos


You can also authorize your Flickr account to work directly with On Black, allowing you to browse through thumbnails of your latest photos.

share flickr photos

After you have selected your photo, preview your picture, copy the HTML text found above the photo, and paste it into your Flickr description. This will create a link to the page, giving your viewers a quick and easy way to view your photos as you want them to.

upload flickr photos


You can also add the On Black bookmarklet to your browser, for another easy and fast way to generate links. If you’re looking for a more elaborate option on how to display your Flickr photos, you might want to consider creating a portfolio using Pullfolio Create A Professional Photography Portfolio Online In 5 Minutes With Pullfolio Read More .

Share Your Flickr Photos

If you want display the latest photos from your Flickr account on your WordPress blog, an easy-to-use plugin is FlickrRSS. Add the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Choose how many photos you want displayed on your site, and enter your Flickr user ID.

If you would rather not display all of your latest Flickr photos, you can choose to display photos only from a specific set, group, community or even your favourites.

display flickr photos


You can also choose to store the images on your server to lighten the load on Flickr. Be sure to add the FlickrRSS widget to your sidebar displaying your latest photos.

display flickr photos

If you’re not a WordPress user, you can always create a slideshow to embed on any website using FlickrSlidr.

Flickr has taken all the hard work out of sending notifications to major social media sites. If you want your friends on Facebook to be notified each time you upload new photos, go into your Account settings, and click on Sharing & Extending. From there you will be able to connect your Facebook account to your Flickr account.

display flickr photos

If you want your Twitter followers to be notified, SnapTweet is a good option. SnapTweet allows you to share only the photos you choose to send to your Twitter stream, which comes in handy especially if you upload a lot of photographs to Flickr.

Upload, Display & Share Your Flickr Photos The Easy Way SnapTweet

Any photo that is tagged with the predetermined word that you have chosen will be updated on Twitter.

share flickr photos

SnapTweet offers an alternative way to update your Twitter stream on a case by case basis by sending a DM to the SnapTweet account with the word “˜latest’ in it – and your stream will be updated with the link and title of your latest photo.

Other Useful Flickr Apps

There is no limit to the third party applications built around Flickr and no limit to what you can do with them. If you want a comprehensive Flickr experience without visiting the website, give Flickroom a try. Or you might be looking for a way to automate set management on Flickr. If you want to backup your Flickr photos check out Downloadr Backup And Download Flickr Photos in Bulk (Windows) Read More , FlickrDown Download Photos from Flickr with FlickrDown Read More and a few others 3 Tools To Easily Backup Your Flickr Photos Read More . If you want to search Flickr there are many different ways to do so, including searching by camera model Search For Images by Camera Type On Flickr & Picasa Read More , and many others 16 Flickr Search Tools That Are Fun to Use Read More . And Flickr even has a whole bunch of games 10 Free & Fun Online Picture Games Based On Flickr Read More built around it.

What are your favourite Flickr apps? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Rune
    July 23, 2010 at 7:58 am

    I use the new Live photogallery beta application from MS, easy to upload directly to flickr, facebook and so on. It seems more reliable than the flickr uplodr. I also use a program called "send to flickr" thats ad flickr to explorers "send to".

    • nm
      July 24, 2010 at 6:52 am

      Those are some great tips for Windows users - thanks Rune.

  2. abrillgreen
    July 20, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    I have been using Flickr and it is very easy to use, it has some great features and so it beats Picassa. I have tried both and then came up with the decision to use the Flickr.

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