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Nancy Messieh 29-06-2013

flickr mac appFlickr’s recent revamp has certainly made for a much more enjoyable experience when it comes to browsing the photo sharing website. That said, there are quite a few interesting and useful third party Flickr apps that can bring a full Flickr experience to your desktop. The free Flickr Mac app F-Stop [No Longer Available] allows you to browse Flickr photos uploaded both by you or your contacts, search the public feed, watch slideshows of photosets and even batch download images of your choice.


To get started with F-Stop download it from the Mac App Store [No Longer Available], and authorize the app to access your Flickr account. This means the app can access your Flickr account (including private content), upload, edit and replace photos (and videos), interact with other Flickr members and their content, and delete photos and videos from your account.

flickr mac app

After clicking the OK, I’ll Authorize It button, you’ll be given a nine digit code to enter into the app and then you’re set to get started with your Flickr F-Stop experience. The first thing you can see when you open the app is your photostream where you can view all of the latest photos you’ve uploaded to Flickr.

f-stop app

Browse Photos

A menu on the left gives you access to a variety of Flickr features – your photosets, groups, collections, favourites, and galleries. You can open up each of these views by double-clicking (and they open up in a new window), but you can’t open up your collections (a feature available only to Flickr Pro users). The menu also gives you access to your contacts list and recent photos from your contacts.


f-stop app

When it comes to interacting with any Flickr photo on F-Stop, no matter who has uploaded it, there’s a variety of ways you can interact with the image. You can enlarge or decrease the size of the thumbnail when viewing the grid of photos. Double-clicking on any given photo will open it up in a new window.

There are several ways you can interact with individual photos. You can view the photo on the Flickr website, view its metadata (although in our experience EXIF details, whether taken with an iPhone or DSLR, simply didn’t show up), as well as any tags you’ve already added to the photo (you can add more), comments and notes/tags permissions and its safety level. You can also adjust all of these settings locally, so if you want to change a photo from public to private you can do so directly from the app without launching the Flickr website. If the photo has comments or geotag information, all of this can be viewed from this window too.

f-stop app


Another way which you can interact with photos when using F-Stop is to add notes to photos, by defining a rectangle, and clicking the Add Note button.

f stop app

When it comes to discovering new content on Flickr through F-Stop, there are two ways you can go about this. You can either search photos themselves, or you can also search for Flickr users.

A really cool feature when browsing photos is the ability to view the photos as a slideshow. This is also a great way for you to display your photos. If you want to show your photos to someone else on your computer, why not sit them down and show them a Flickr photoset slideshow.


Upload Photos

A key feature to any Flickr  client is the ability to upload photos. F-Stop allows users to batch upload photos, choose photo names, tags, groups, photosets, visibility and more. Best of all, as you add photos you can add individual tags, assign them to different sets, and more, before finalising what is a seamless uploading experience. You can even create a new photoset to add the photos to if you want to.

f stop app

Backup or Batch Download

There are two ways you can download photos from F-Stop to your desktop computer. First, when it comes to your own photos, you can backup your entire Flickr library, or simply select specific photosets to download, or even your Flickr favorites. If you haven’t been diligent about creating sets, you can simply download your entire photostream. You can also choose where the photos will be saved by clicking on the file path at the bottom of the screen. What’s really cool about backing up your photosets is that they’re backed up into corresponding folders.

f stop app


Not only can you download your own photos, you can also download photos from other users. As you are browsing photos using F-Stop, you can either right-click the photo and click Add to batch downloader or, when you’ve got the photo itself open, hit the Download downwards arrow button in the top left hand corner.


This will add the photo to a list ready to batch download. Once you’ve got all of the photos you want to download, you can switch to the Photo Downloader window where you can view the photos you’ve selected to download, choose where they’re going to be saved and specify the image size that will be downloaded (original, large, medium, small or largest available.) Once you’ve got all the settings in order, just hit the download button, and the photos will be saved to your computer.

flickr mac app

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Using the Flickr Mac app F-Stop takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of how the app works, you’ll find that you can do almost anything you want to from your Mac desktop. While you are losing out on the pretty, revamped Flickr website, you are gaining the advantage of being able to streamline most of your Flickr tasks when it comes to uploading and downloading.

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Do you prefer to use the Flickr website or a desktop app like F-Stop? Let us know in the comments.

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