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You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free… If You’re Quick

Dave Parrack 06-11-2017

If you haven’t yet switched to Windows 10, either by upgrading your current PC or by buying a new one, it’s not too late to do so for free. That is if you’re reading this before the end of 2017, when Microsoft has decided to end free Windows 10 upgrades for good. So, you’d best act quickly…


Microsoft launched Windows 10 in July 2015, and, for exactly one year, Windows 10 was available for free. However, since July 2016 there has been a workaround allowing anyone to upgrade to Windows 10 for free Missed the Free Windows 10 Upgrade? Psst, Here's a Backdoor! The upgrade to Windows 10 remains free for users who depend on assistive technologies. However, Microsoft doesn't check whether you really do. We show you how you can use this backdoor to get Windows 10. Read More . You have to claim to use assistive technologies, but that’s not much to ask.

Free Windows 10 Upgrades for Everyone!

Unfortunately for anyone yet to take advantage of the assistive technologies workaround, Microsoft has announced it’s ending the free upgrade offer on December 31, 2017. As discovered by ZDNet, the company has updated the Windows 10 upgrade page for assistive technologies, stating:

“If you use assistive technologies, you can upgrade to Windows 10 at no cost as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies. Please take advantage of this offer before it expires on December 31, 2017.”

As far as we know there are no plans to offer free Windows 10 upgrades in the future, so it looks like this is the last opportunity anyone will have to upgrade to Windows 10 without having to pay for the privilege. So if you have been umming and ahhing this is your chance to act, and act fast.

How many people are in that situation is anyone’s guess. After all, Microsoft spent a whole year nagging people to upgrade to Windows 10, so it has to be assumed most of the holdouts actively chose not to bother doing so. Still, if you genuinely missed out, mark the date in your calendar.

People Don’t Like Paying for Stuff

The jury is still out on Windows 10. The updates released since the initial launch How to Get the Windows 10 Creators Update Now The Windows 10 Creators Update will roll out in April. Are you eager to try it? Or would you rather avoid it? We'll show you how to get Windows 10 1703 on your own schedule. Read More have greatly improved things, but Windows 7 is still more popular than Windows 10 in terms of market share. And now that people are going to have to pay for it, the adoption rate may slow down even more.


Have you switched to Windows 10 yet? Did you willingly upgrade for free? Or were you forced to start using Windows 10 when you purchased a new PC? Will you be making use of this workaround before the deadline passes? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Michael Biller
    December 8, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    Here is a secret. Microsoft will always open a Window(s) when they close a door. They want everyone to use Windows and there will always be some loophole that will let you get and use a copy of Windows.

    Even an unregistered copy of Windows 10 will run with little protest. It may deactivate a minor feature or throw an occasional nag-screen or two but it's going to keep working.

    I honestly believe during the heydey of the pirated WinXP copies, Microsoft released that tool to 'activate' it and make it appear legal. That tool had all the earmarks of being genuine Microsoft software.

    They pretended to crack down and wound up giving to everyone that already had it and in doing so dominated the desktop market to such a degree that they will never be knocked from the saddle. Not by Apple, Linux, or anyone else. At least not anytime soon.

  2. Andre
    November 7, 2017 at 7:21 am

    After almost a year on Windows 10, I went back to Windows 7 and I'm a lot more happier. Windows 10 became bloated-ware and very intrusive.

    • Jim Sonnet (@ Lynas Corporation, Ltd)
      November 7, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      Windows 10 has been a major disappointment, and a source of unnecessary headaches for 600+ staff. I have dropped windows 10 and reinstalled Windows 7 for our business fleet until we settle on a standard that minimizes the use of Microsoft moving forward. It is the experience of many staff members and certainly the management team where I work, that Microsoft is a painful technology provider (in a number of areas), and an unreliable business partner.