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Nancy Messieh 14-08-2017

Outlook is rolling out You Can Now Try the New Beta Microsoft has been busy improving So, in order to get feedback on the changes, the company has launched a beta. And you're invited. Read More a bunch of new features in a new beta version that was recently announced. If you’re interested in test driving them now, it’s a simple as using a different URL to log in.


Using the Beta Version of

While Outlook announced that you have to wait for a toggle button to appear in your account to try out the new features, you can actually gain access to the beta right now by using this URL:

This will give you immediate access to the beta, without having to wait for it to show up as an option in your account.

When you first load the beta version, Outlook will give you a rundown of the new features you can use. If you change your mind about using the beta version, you should be able to go back to the pre-beta version by toggling the beta button.

How to Unlock the New Beta of OutlookBetaToggleAccording to The Verge, however, if Outlook hasn’t already rolled out the new beta to your account, this workaround will no longer work if you toggle the beta off.

So what do you get with the beta?


New Interface and Robust Search

The beta interface is sleeker, with shortcuts to your inbox, calendar, contacts, photos, and tasks. Search has also been improved with the ability to now preview files and photos in your conversation lists.

How to Unlock the New Beta of Outlook Beta

See All Your Photos in One Place

A key feature that Outlook highlights when you make the switch over to the beta version is the ability to view all your photos in one place. Click the photo icon in the menu on the left to see all photos you have sent or received. This is also searchable, but only by file name.

Quick Suggestions

As you type, Outlook will offer suggestions based on your email. For example, if you suggest a coffee shop when arranging to meet a friend, Outlook will create a link that you can click and insert more info about that location or event right in your email.

How to Unlock the New Beta of Outlook QuickSuggestions

If you prefer to turn this feature off, go to Settings > View Full Settings > Mail > Compose and uncheck the Quick Suggestions box. (Although it is worth mentioning that with the beta features toggled on, we never saw any quick suggestions no matter what we typed.)

New Personalization Features

The sleek interface brings with it so much more robust personalization features for how your inbox is set up. You can put your favorite contacts or folders front and center, making it easier to find the messages that matter to you.

You can also search for emojis and GIFs by clicking the smiley face button in your compose window, to add even more personality to your messages.

How to Unlock the New Beta of Outlook GIFs

Microsoft has also said to be on the lookout for more changes to Calendar and People over the next few months.

What do you think of Outlook’s new features? Are you ready to switch over to the beta or do you prefer it just the way it is? What’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Kim Reid
    March 6, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Outlook Beta closes access to the earlier version of Outlook so years of Saved emails are no longer accessible. This is outrageous!!!! I have extremely important correspondence referencing house purchases, photos shared by family including historical images....
    You did not mention that once Outlook Beta is turned on, your past life evaporates.
    If you know how to access the earlier Outlook, please share.

  2. Tony
    August 14, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    People are boycotting Google #MarchOnGoogle, how about a article on Protonmail?