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You Can Now Unlock Your Car With Your Phone Using KETO

Dave LeClair 21-08-2019

If you have a car with push-button ignition, there’s a new gadget coming along that should have you feeling quite excited: KETO allows you to unlock your car with your smartphone, making it easier than ever to jump in and start rolling.


KETO Features

The main thing that makes KETO interesting is that it promises to actually replace your car key, not just work along with it. That means you actually have one less thing to carry with you. The device uses Bluetooth Low Energy to authenticate your device with your car. To add another layer of security, it also uses inaudible soundwave technology to make sure that only the correct device is in the car.

Like a smart key, the car will only start when it detects your phone in it, which is quite cool. But you can also use the app to allow others to drive your car. This can all be done remotely, so you can simply grant access to a friend or family member from wherever you are. You can set a certain time limit or manually shut off access when the other person is done with your car.

The biggest concern I had when I first heard about KETO was installation—if you need to take your car to a mechanic to get it up and running, then it’s probably not worth it. Thankfully, the team behind the device promise easy DIY installation that anyone can do. You just need to place to key module from your smart key in the device, attach that to the main module, and place that in your car. From there, you set the app up for full control.

An important thing to remember is that you do need to have a car with a smart key and push-button ignition in order for KETO to do its thing. If your car uses a traditional key (one where you need to put a physical key in the ignition), then KETO won’t work with your car.


KETO Price and Availability

ONEKEY, the company behind KETO, is seeking funding for its exciting new device on Kickstarter. The project just launched and has already exceeded its goal. If you’re interested in preordering a KETO device for yourself, you’ll need to pledge $119. The team plans to deliver the devices to backers in December 2019.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, there are risks involved and backing this project 3 Things to Consider Before Backing a Kickstarter Project Before you back your first or next Kickstarter project, here are a few things to keep in mind if you don't want to get scammed or waste your money. Read More , and there’s no guarantee that the devices will be delivered on time (or at all, in rare cases).

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  1. dragonmouth
    August 21, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    "You Can Now Unlock Your Car With Your Phone Using KETO"
    If you can, so can a hacker or a car thief. If someone get hold of your smartphone, they have access not only to your car but your house and all the other IoT gizmos you own. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket!!!

    Sure it's convenient but the price of convenience is security and privacy.