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The 6 Most Unique Smart Lighting Products for Your Home

Brent Dirks Updated 30-04-2019

Smart lighting for your home offers benefits like energy efficiency and compatibility with many voice controlled assistants. But past those few perks, smart lights can also be fun too.


If you want to turn your home into a work of art, on the inside or out, we’ve found six unique smart lighting choices for your home.

1. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Buy Now On Amazon $177.01 ($694.16 / 100 cm)

The Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition is a unique option that combines smart lighting and music. The light panels are triangular, and nine are included in a starter package. Thanks to the unique shape, the panels can be placed in any orientation you’d like on the wall using the included mounting tape.

With the smartphone app, you can create different scenes for the lights or even select options from the community. Light control and scene selection are also available through Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

A special rhythm module attaches to any light panel and takes the system to a new level. It allows all of the panels to react to different music genres in real time. The result is a beautiful show for your eyes and ears. No hub is needed, and you can purchase additional panels to increase the size of the on-wall artwork to use up to 30 panels.


To find out more about the system and how it works, take a look at our review of the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition.

2. Philips Hue Outdoor Color Starter Set

Philips Hue Outdoor Color Starter Set Philips Hue Outdoor Color Starter Set Buy Now On Amazon

Smart lighting is not for just the interior of your home. The Philips Hue Outdoor Color Starter Set is made to shine a light on any size of property. Low-voltage exterior lighting usually costs thousands of dollars and requires professional installation. But the Philips kit makes it easy for almost anyone to bring light to any part of their yard.

Along with the smart hub required to interact with the system, you’ll receive three different spotlights and the necessary power supply and cable. You can easily add lights on to the hub later with single spotlights sold separately.


Each of the weatherproof lights can be staked into the ground. Once the installation is complete, you can use the trio of lights just like any other Phillips Hue bulb. There are 16 million different colors to select from, including a wide variety of different shades of white light. With the smartphone app, you can set timers and control the entire system. One useful automation is for the lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise each morning without needing lift a finger.

It’s also possible to voice control the lights with Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

3. Sengled Solo Color Plus Bulb

Sengled Solo Color Plus Bulb Sengled Solo Color Plus Bulb Buy Now On Amazon $29.99

The Sengled Solo Color Plus combines smart lighting and music in one package. The light bulb also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Just plug the light into any A19 socket to power the bulb and speaker. With the smartphone app, you can select from any of 16 million different colors to brighten up a room and control music. You can also control the music via any Amazon Alexa device.


One of the best features of the light is an automatic sleep timer. You can fall asleep to music, and both the tunes and light will switch off after a preset amount of time.

The rhythm mode will also sync the light up to whatever music is playing. As a nice touch, it is possible to play music even while the light is completely off.

4. LIFX Beam

LIFX Beam LIFX Beam Buy Now On Amazon $166.24

Living up to its name, the LIFX Beam provides a beam of light anywhere in your home. The kit includes six connectable beams and a corner kit. So you can use the lights to create one long line or integrate a 90-degree turn for more flexibility. All six beams at maximum brightness bring 1,200 lumens to any room. No hub is necessary.


Each of the different beams can be programmed to show one of up to 16 million colors to really let your creativity shine. A smartphone app allows you to set a schedule for the lights, select a color, or even create automations that can change the lighting to complement the time of day. As with many others on this list, there is integration with Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

5. Philips Hue Beyond Smart Pendant Light

Philips Hue Beyond Smart Pendant Light Philips Hue Beyond Smart Pendant Light Buy Now On Amazon

If you’re looking for a permanent way to bring smart lighting to a home, the Philips Hue Beyond Smart Pendant Light is available to use anywhere you need a standard overhead light.

One of the best features of the lamp is two independent lights sources; an uplight and a downlight. This allows you to create a unique mix of both the 16 million color choices and more than 50,000 hues of white light.

Control is available through the official Hue smartphone app or with many popular voice assistants. The dimmable light is also compatible with other accessories in the Hue ecosystem like a motion sensor and dimmer switch. In order to use this light, you will need the Hue hub already set up in your home.

6. C by GE Sol

GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture, works with Amazon Alexa GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture, works with Amazon Alexa Buy Now On Amazon $44.10

The circular shape isn’t the only unique feature of the C by GE Sol. The smart light can be used as a standalone Amazon Alexa device. This means you accomplish tasks like controlling the light, setting timers, and interacting with other smart home devices with just your voice. The shape of the light also allows you to activate a visual clock and timer.

At night, the light can switch into a unique mode that will change the brightness and color to help you get a better night’s sleep. The light offers serveral different white hues too.

Smart Lighting Offers Something for Everyone

Thanks to improving technology, the number of smart lighting options has continued to grow. And these unique smart options can offer something different that can provide years of enjoyment and use in your home.

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