Ultrasonic-Ringtones: Download Ultrasonic Ringtones & Test Your Hearing
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Ultrasonic-Ringtones is a website that lists a bunch of high frequency ringtones which can be used to test your hearing. The younger a person is the higher the frequency he or she will be able to hear.

Ultrasonic-Ringtones makes it easy to test your hearing and see how far your can hear into the range of ultrasonic sound. Alternatively you may download ultrasonic ringtones and use them on your cell phone. Apparently these ringtones are very popular with teenagers because teachers can not hear them when phones ring.

download ultrasonic ringtones


  • Ultrasonic ringtone hearing test.
  • Download and use them on your mobile.
  • Free, no registration needed.

Check UltrasonicRingtones @ www.ultrasonic-ringtones.com

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