The Ultimate Windows 10 Shortcuts & Gestures Collection

Ben Stegner 13-05-2016

It’s hard to believe Windows 10 has been available for close to a year. Even through Windows 10 isn’t perfect, reception has been generally positive.


When Windows 8 was new, we compiled a mega-list of Windows 8 shortcuts Every Windows 8 Shortcut - Gestures, Desktop, Command Line Windows 8 is all about shortcuts. People with touch-enabled PCs use touch gestures, users without touch devices must learn the mouse shortcuts, power users use keyboard shortcuts on the desktop and novel command-line shortcuts, and... Read More to make getting around easier than ever. Windows 10 introduces a whole slew of new shortcuts, including apps, keyboard shortcuts, touchscreen gestures, and more — it’s time to refresh that list!

Let’s take a look at all the different types of shortcuts available in Windows 10 that you can start using now.

App Shortcuts

Windows 10 blends Modern apps with traditional desktop programs. Here’s how to access some of the built-in apps with blazing speed.

Be sure to browse more Windows 10 app shortcuts Get Organized in Windows 10 with New Apps & Shortcuts Will you be using Windows 10 a lot? We have compiled the best ways to use Microsoft's new operating system to keep your PC organized so you can get more done. Read More for the complete list.

Touchpad Gestures

While a mouse is probably more convenient than a laptop touchpad, Windows 10 lets you control all sorts of navigation with your touchpad. After you’ve enabled various touchpad gestures as explained by Christian How to Get the Most Out of Your Touchpad in Windows 10 Your Windows 10 laptop touchpad has potential beyond being a poor mouse replacement. We'll show you how to set it up to use smart touch gestures with up to four fingers. Read More , here are some highlights of new controls you’ll have:

  • The Allow taps on the touchpad lets you simply tap a finger on the touchpad to click instead of having to press it.
  • Enabling the lower-right hand corner of the touchpad option lets you right-click by tapping that corner.
  • The Use a two finger drag to scroll option is a must-have for laptops, because it lets you whip through webpages without having to manually drag the scroll bar down.
  • You can Choose what to do with a three finger tap — by default this will open Cortana, but if you’d prefer to have it launch another control, you can do so.
  • Sliding up with three fingers displays the Task View, allowing you to switch between open windows quickly.
  • Swiping down with three fingers brings you right to the desktop; the same can be done with Windows Key + D.
  • By default, a four-finger tap will launch the Action Center, but this can be changed as well.

For even more touchpad goodies, check out how to get more out of your touchpad in all versions of Windows Discover The Hidden Features Of Your Touchpad [Windows] With the rise of laptops and netbooks, the touchpad has become a key input device. Yet, in the Windows environment, working with the touchpad has been a drag more than a delight. While the hardware... Read More and uncommon ways to use your laptop touchpad 3 Uncommon Ways to Use Your Laptop Touchpad Your laptop's touchpad seems like a simple, boring piece of technology, used only when no mouse is available. But touchpads can be fast and efficient. They have shortcuts for everything from easily scrolling to gestures... Read More .

Touchscreen Gestures

Your computer might not have a touchscreen, or you may have sworn off touchscreens after trying one with Windows 8. These shortcuts certainly aren’t essential, but if you’re in tablet mode Continuum: Switch Between Windows 10 Desktop & Tablet Mode Windows 10 recognizes your hardware and instantly chooses the best display mode. When you connect your Windows 10 Mobile to a larger screen, you'll get a PC-like experience. That's the smoothness of Continuum. Read More , you’ll appreciate them.

  • To scroll, just use one finger to drag in any direction.
  • You can drag and drop an item by holding it with a finger, then moving it in the opposite direction of scrolling.
  • The equivalent of a right-click on the touchscreen is to press and hold on something.
  • Some apps have a special command you can activate by swiping down from the top or up from the bottom — most browsers let you refresh the page with this.
  • To close an app in tablet mode, swipe one finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.
  • Zooming works just like it does on most smartphones: pinch (bring together) two fingers to zoom out, and spread two fingers out to zoom in.
  • You can rotate some items by spinning two fingers in a circle, though this won’t work for everything.

Master the rest of the touch gestures 18 Essential Touch Gestures in Windows 10 Touch gestures are like keyboard shortcuts for your touchpad and touchscreen. And with Windows 10, they have finally become useful! We'll show you how to access the full potential of touch gestures. Read More for complete control!

Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve covered every Windows keyboard shortcut you could want in our ultimate keyboard shortcut guide Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 101: The Ultimate Guide Keyboard shortcuts can save you hours of time. Master the universal Windows keyboard shortcuts, keyboard tricks for specific programs, and a few other tips to speed up your work. Read More , including how you can get around Windows with just keyboard shortcuts Navigating Windows with Keyboard Shortcuts Alone You might know lots of keyboard shortcuts, but did you know you could get around Windows without your mouse? Here's how. Read More and shortcuts specifically for Microsoft Office 60 Essential Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Hundreds of keyboard shortcuts are available in Office, but these are the most important ones you should know because they will save you a lot of time. Read More . Here are just a few prominent samples:

  • The power user menu collects a bunch of powerful controls all in one place; open it with Windows Key + X to cut down on time spent searching for controls buried in menus.
  • ALT + Tab lets you quickly switch between open windows.
  • Windows Key + Number will let you open items on the Taskbar (so Win + 2 opens the second item on your taskbar, not including Search or the task switcher).
  • Windows Key + E instantly opens up the My Computer dialogue.

After mastering these, check out some of the best keyboard shortcuts in popular web apps Keyboard Shortcuts You Aren't Using In Your Favourite Web Apps Keyboard shortcuts aren't just for desktop apps: your favourite web apps use them too. From Gmail to Trello, from Facebook to Twitter, learning keyboard shortcuts is the easiest way to do everything faster. Read More .

Shortcuts New and Old

Of course, we couldn’t possibly list every single shortcut possible in Windows 10 — the list would contain thousands of commands! Between the important shortcuts listed in this article and the wealth of information linked, though, you’re well on your way to having an awesome array of shortcuts under your belt. Many older Windows shortcuts Windows Shortcuts Read More  work just fine in Windows 10, so be sure to check those out, too.

Keep taking control of Windows 10 with quick tips and hacks 7 Quick Tips & Hacks to Optimize Your Windows 10 Experience Windows 10 is more than an upgrade to Windows 8, it's an evolution. We've covered many of the big changes, but lots of minor things changed, too. Maybe we can teach you a new trick. Read More , and read all about how to control Windows 10 The Windows 10 Settings Guide: How to Do Anything and Everything Do you know your way around the Settings app in Windows 10? Here's everything you need to know. Read More in our settings guide.

What are your best time-saving shortcuts in Windows 10? Add to our list by commenting below!


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