The Ultimate Guide To XBMC Tools On Your Chromebook

Angela Randall 25-02-2014

Regular TVs have remote controls, while XBMC makes use of any device in your house as a remote control. So, which extensions do you need to install to turn your Chromebook into another fantastic remote for XBMC?


Whether you’ve got a Raspberry Pi as your media centre How To Make Your Raspberry Pi Into a Home Theater System Four weeks on and I’ve been playing with my Raspberry Pi in various ways, from using it to browse the web and standard day-to-day computing tasks to playing around with the various configurations that are... Read More , or you’ve got another decidated Media PC running XBMC, you’ve no doubt realised that having remote controls on your various devices just makes sense. It’s not at all uncommon these days for people to watch TV shows on XBMC Watch TV Shows on XBMC With These Add-Ons Do you love TV? Then you also love XBMC, even if you don't know it yet. The ultimate media center software offers a wide variety of ways for you to catch up with your favorite... Read More while they noodle around on a laptop or tablet, so having these XBMC controls right in your Chrome browser will make your Chromebook-and-TV time just that much more enjoyable.

For all of these extensions and tricks, you will need to take note of your media centre’s static IP address What Is a Static IP Address? Here's Why You Don't Need One A static IP address is one that never changes. Dynamic IP addresses do change. We explain why you don't need a static IP address. Read More , the XBMC port and any username and password you have set up. You’ll find most of this in your XBMC settings, and the IP address can be found by numerous tools to see the IP addresses Monitor Network Devices And Websites With ICMP Ping Manager Both at work and at home, I often find that I have a need to check the status of my PCs, printers, servers or other network devices. These days, with so many devices making use... Read More on your network. I like to use an Android app called Fing for this. You may also wish to consult our complete guide to XBMC How to Set Up Your XBMC Media Center XBMC may have evolved into Kodi, but if you have an old version installed this guide will help you set it up and get started. Read More if you’re new to XBMC.

Also note that all of these tools are available within any Chrome browser, so people running Chrome on other laptops and tablets can make use of these ideas and extensions just as easily as Chromebook users. Here’s your guide to the best XBMC tools you can use in Chrome.

XBMC Remote Control

The XBMC Remote Control is the standard remote control for XBMC, as seen in many XBMC remote control apps for a variety of devices. Which is great because all your basic XBMC controls are handy and easy to use, right in Chrome. You can even pop out the remote to a new window.

XBMC Remote Control


Play To XBMC

The Play to XBMC remote is another simple way to access your XBMC install. It’s a very simple set of control buttons, but it also has a way to add to playlists and create a favourites list. These, I find, are really handy when you’ve got little kids. It’s nice to be able to play something quickly on occasion. It’s also useful for sending YouTube videos straight to XBMC, as detailed below.

Play to XBMC

Send YouTube Videos To XBMC Using A Chrome Extension

This neat trick will let you play YouTube videos instantly on your XBMC install, which will probably make you wonder if you even need tools like Chromecast or the like. To set it up and send YouTube to XBMC How To Instantly Send Any YouTube Video To Your TV, Using XBMC Send any YouTube video to your television, instantly. It's perfect for YouTube parties or anytime you want to comfortably watch a video from your couch. All you need to make living room dreams come true... Read More , follow the full instructions in the linked article. It will involve setting up a YouTube plugin for XBMC, allowing HTTP access and adding either the Play to XBMC or the Playlist2XBMC browser plugin to Chrome.

Control XBMC With Browser URL

To control your XBMC setup with your browser, you need to set XBMC to allow use via HTTP, which you can do via your XBMC settings.


Then in Chrome go to your XBMC IP address with the port after a colon, like this:

If your addons have web interfaces enabled, you can also access your addons this way using this format:

XBMC Browser IP Remote

Why use the web interface? Well, for starters it’s an easy way to browse your collection – far more accessible than using the basic XBMC remotes you find for Android, or the various iPad and iPhone XBMC remotes. Personally, I like to use the web interface to check if the fan art is there, then upload to so that everyone can benefit from the art.

XBMC Browser IP Movies


More XBMC Remotes For Your Tablets & Phones

If you love XBMC remotes, then you should also check out the XBMC remotes for Android Android XBMC Remote Apps Compared - Which One Should You Use? Control XBMC with your Android phone. Sure, you could buy a dedicated phone for your media center, but if you've got an Android smart phone or tablet there's really no need to. Complete control can... Read More and XBMC remotes for iOS The 3 Best Free XBMC Remote Apps For iPhone & iPad One of the best things about XBMC is its compatibility with remote control applications, of which there are no shortage on the App Store. Today we’ll be taking a look at the best free remotes... Read More devices. I know I couldn’t live without them.

How do you make use of XBMC and the variety of remotes available?

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  1. Tim
    February 26, 2014 at 5:37 am

    Yatse remote on my Android phone is one of the very few apps that I've bought. The free version is the best remote that I've found and the pay version adds lots of handy features.

    • Angela A
      February 26, 2014 at 10:16 am

      I used that for a while, but it was too big for my old phone. I should re-add it. Thanks. :)