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7 Great Udemy Courses for Enhancing Your Business Skills

Sandy Writtenhouse 02-12-2019

Getting ahead and even keeping up in the business world these days is tough. Whether you’re seeking a promotion, want to learn a new skill, or need to improve your current skill set, you need an edge.

To help you on your path to business success, taking an online course is a smart move. You can learn at your own pace, on your own time, and from the comfort of your home with Udemy classes. Here are several to get you started on the right foot.

1. Excel Essentials for the Real World

Udemy Excel Essentials for the Real World

Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet app that you can find in pretty much any office environment. And while knowing the basics of Excel is important, learning to use it with real-world scenarios gives you a jump-start.

In this course, you’ll learn how to master Excel formulas, use pivot tables and charts for interactive reports, explore Power Query, and more. You’ll even get your hands on hacks and hidden features to help you accelerate your Excel learning.

Course Details:

  • 10 hours of on-demand video
  • More than 25 articles
  • Over 25 downloadable resources

2. Microsoft Word: Forms, Mail Merge, and Field Code Rules

Udemy Microsoft Word: Forms, Mail Merge, and Field Code Rules

Microsoft Word is one of those programs most people open, use, and complete what they need to in no time. But there are some features of Word that are highly beneficial in the business industry, yet harder to understand and use.

Jump into this course and you’ll learn how to use form controls. This lets you create your own business forms, set up mail merge rules to control information, and create personalized emails, labels, and letters with the Mail Merge Wizard. For a fast way to learn these key features of Word, this Udemy course is ideal.

Course Details:

  • Over an hour of on-demand video
  • 12 articles
  • Over 25 downloadable resources

3. Ultimate Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint for All Levels

Udemy Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint is a common way for businesses to get their message across to consumers, investors, and even internal staff. And while PowerPoint is pretty intuitive, it’s also very robust. If you want to enhance your PowerPoint knowledge and learn to create presentations faster, this class is the right way to do it.

The course teaches how to systematize your creations for faster output, shows you shortcuts that help you craft slideshows in less time, and offers up hidden commands and features you probably don’t know exist.

Course Details:

  • Over five hours of on-demand video
  • 10 articles
  • 12 downloadable resources

4. Overcome Difficult People: Assertiveness With Games Players

Udemy Overcome Difficult People

Succeeding in business isn’t always about how to use tools; knowing how to handle people is also vital. No matter where you work, you likely deal with other people.

Whether it’s coworkers or customers, you create relationships with people from all walks of life. And unfortunately, not everyone is easy to get along with. There are people who play psychological games, and this class teaches you how to deal with them.

In this course, you’ll learn to identify game players and ways to overcome them. You’ll also gain knowledge in controlling manipulative conversations, techniques for interactions, overcoming fear of confrontation, and ways to reduce anxiety.

Course Details:

  • Two hours of on-demand video
  • Seven downloadable resources

5. Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills

Udemy Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills

If it’s a promotion you seek, then this course is for you. Becoming a leader is an achievement, but becoming a good leader is another category entirely. Not everyone has the knowledge or skills that it takes to be a supervisor, manager, or other person in charge.

This course will teach you how to delegate effectively and the different styles of delegation. You’ll also learn about leadership techniques, how to develop plans and ideas, and ways to create a healthy work-life balance. And you’ll feel more confident overall with your newly learned leadership skills.

Course Details:

  • Over two hours of on-demand video
  • More than 15 downloadable resources

6. Social Media Marketing: Digital Marketing Strategy New 2019

Udemy Social Media Marketing

Marketing takes place in almost every type of business, in one form or another. And nowadays it’s a lot more than print ads, mail pieces, and billboards. Social media plays a huge role in marketing, and being able to do it with the right understanding can help you and your company’s efforts.

Jump into this class and you’ll learn how to set up a digital marketing strategy, build a plan and schedule, and become a pro at posting on social media platforms. It will help you to understand how social media marketing works, how to use the platforms effectively, and how to employ SEO in successful ways. This is definitely a Udemy class that can help you with your digital marketing initiatives.

Course Details:

  • Over 20 hours of on-demand video
  • One article
  • Nine downloadable resources

7. Project Management Fundamentals: Run Projects Effectively

Project Management Fundamentals

Whether you’ve decided to delve into a project management career, would like to move into your company’s project management office, or have recently taken on a project manager role at work, check out this class. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, but you can succeed at managing all of them with the right tools and know-how.

This course teaches you how to develop an idea to get a project started, plan and execute a project, monitor progress and changes, help your team with challenges, and review your finished projects for successful closeouts.

Course Details:

  • An hour of on-demand video
  • Five articles
  • 11 downloadable resources

About Udemy and Its Courses

Udemy is a trusted name in online education with over 40 million students, relevant classes and materials, subject matter experts, and 130,000 courses to choose from. Each course on our list comes with a certificate of completion, lifetime access, and is also available on mobile devices and smart TVs.

All of Udemy’s courses vary in cost, but they start as low as just $9.99. Plus, you’ll find frequent sales on classes and many Udemy courses available for free that might add to your motivation.

Learning, Improving, and Succeeding With Udemy

Whether you want to learn skills for a new job, become an expert in your field, or simply enhance your knowledge, Udemy has a class for you. And when it comes to business, there’s sure to be at least one class in this list that can benefit you in significant ways.

Even better, Udemy’s unbeatable prices mean that you can check them out without breaking the bank—these courses are as low as $10.99 each. For other types of classes, take a look at Udemy courses for self-improvement The 15 Best Udemy Courses for Self-Improvement Udemy is packed with personal development courses. Start your own journey with the best Udemy courses for self-improvement. Read More or how to become a self-taught programmer with Udemy.

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