A Brief Guide to Uber’s Different Ride Types and Options

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If you’re new to Uber, the many ride options can be pretty confusing. If you’re not sure which ride is right for you, find out all about the options here.

A Brief Guide to Uber's Different Ride Types and Options Uber1 e1519784583974

A Brief Guide to Uber's Different Ride Types and Options Uber2 e1519784606934

Uber’s Economy Options


The standard Uber option is UberX. You along with up to three others with you ride door-to-door alone in a sedan. If you’re bringing a car seat with you, it could add up to $10 to your fare.


This option is similar to UberX, except that instead of a sedan you’re getting picked up in an SUV or van. You can also bring along five other people in the car for a total of six.

Uber Select

You and up to three of your friends get a low-cost ride in a higher end sedan or SUV with what Uber describes as a highly-rated drivers.

The prices on UberSelect are cheaper than Uber’s luxury options. UberSelect cars include everything from Kias and Hyundais to Audis and BMWs, and all cars should have leather seats.

Express Pool

The newest and cheapest option Uber Express Pool Is Just Like Taking the Bus Uber Express Pool Is Just Like Taking the Bus Uber Express Pool is an extension of the existing Pool service. And while it could save you even more money, the downside is its similarity to taking the bus. Read More offered by Uber. With Express Pool, you have to walk to pickup and dropoff points if you want to catch a ride, which you’ll share the car ride with Uber customers. When you select Express Pool, the app shows you the pickup spots nearby but doesn’t show you the dropoff points before you request a ride.

This option is only available in the following cities: San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.


With Uber Pool, you still share rides with up to three other Uber customers, but unlike Express Pool, you get door-to-door service.

Uber’s Luxury Options


What sets UberXL and UberSUV apart? The type of car you’re being picked up in. You’re going to pay a little extra to ride in a luxury SUV and be picked up by a professional driver.

Uber’s professional drivers are licensed chauffeurs who have had background checks. Their cars are also inspected once a year to earn their vehicle for hire certification.


Uber’s answer to a town car service, UberBLACK is like UberX, but instead of a regular sedans you’ll be picked up in a black luxury car and get where you’re going with a professional driver.

Uber’s Other Options


If you need access for motorized wheelchairs or scooters, you can order a wheelchair-accessible ride with UberWAV. According to Uber, drivers picking up UberWAV customers “are certified by a third party in safely driving and assisting people with disabilities.”

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