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You Can Now Get an Uber Directly to Your Friends

Dave Parrack 21-12-2016

Uber has built its business helping people get from one place to another place. However, it can now also get you from one place to another person. The company also has some custom Snapchat filters waiting to be discovered too, but surely only millenials will care about those.


As detailed in a post from the Uber Newsroom, Uber now lets you get an Uber directly to a person rather than a place. Whether you’re meeting up with family, friends, or co-workers, the idea is to remove the need for you to actually communicate with anyone.

Instead of the usual back-and-forth where one party tries to find out where the other party is, you can now just get an Uber from your current location to the location of someone you know. Just remember that Uber can track your location even after you have left the vehicle Uber Can Now Track Your Location At All Times Uber now has the capacity to track riders even after they have completed their journey. Which should worry anyone who cares about their privacy and security. Read More .

To do this, you sync your contacts with the Uber app, and type a friend’s name (rather than a specific location) into the “Where to?” box. Uber will send a message to that friend asking for their current location, and once they reply, your Uber driver will head to that location.

The person whose destination you’re heading for will even receive updates with your estimated time of arrival (ETA). Which should prevent your more impatient friends from giving up on you and decamping to another bar or restaurant.

Uber Offers Custom Snapchat Filters

As well as this actually-useful new feature, Uber is offering some custom Snapchat filters. These include ETA filters, ride filters, or a fittingly mysterious “mystery” filter. All of which will be available while you’re actually riding in an Uber.


This Snapchat integration may seem utterly pointless to anyone over a certain age, but we suspect those who were still children when the Millennium Bug failed to wipe humanity out in one fell swoop will go gaga for them.

These may not seem like important updates from Uber, but with the company facing increasing competition from rival services, they all add up. We just wish Uber would let passengers tip their drivers Uber Launches Compliments to Stop You Tipping Uber drivers do a tough job. So the least we, as passengers, can do is thank them for their efforts. By tipping them? No. By complimenting them. Read More , which is a feature high on everyone’s wishlists.

Do you use Uber? If so, how would you rate your experience? Can you see yourself using a person rather than a place as your destination of choice? Can you see yourself using the custom Snapchat filters? Please let us know in the comments below!

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