TypeTester: Tool For Comparing Fonts Online
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Most of us use the default fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Comic Sans etc. for text documents or web pages. While these fonts are considered standard by many, you might want to check out and compare them to other text fonts. Enter TypeTester, a website for instantly comparing fonts and typefaces side by side.

You can apply different fonts to the text sample and compare them in plain view, bold, italic and more. Change the sample text, text size, alignment, colour, decoration etc., in each of 3 text columns and see the difference.

comparing fonts


  • Compare fonts side by side online.
  • Edit the sample text in the text area or insert your own text.
  • Change text size, alignment, color, decoration, word space etc.,
  • Apply settings from one column to another
  • Free, instant comparison.
  • Similar tool: FontPicker.

Check out TypeTester @ www.typetester.org

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