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7 Types of Smartphone Cases You’ll Actually Enjoy Using

Shubham Agarwal 07-01-2019

All smartphone owners have faced a conundrum when they go to buy a new cover. On one hand, with phone prices on the rise, it’s more important than ever that you protect your investment. However, putting a new shiny phone in a hideous, thick case also doesn’t seem right.


Fortunately, you can now buy cases that will safeguard your phone against accidents but won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on its premium exterior. Here are seven such types of covers.

Note: Due to the diverse smartphone market, it’s not possible to provide links to cases for every type of phone. Therefore, please use this as a general guide for finding the best case for you.

1. Cases of Different Materials


Google Fabric Cases

Cases made out of fabric materials sounds a bit odd at first. But once you try them, they’re nearly impossible to resist. They are way more pleasant to hold than a standard case, and don’t look like they’re simply meant to survive the hardest falls.

In addition, you can buy them in a variety of colors and designs to suit your personal style. Fabric cases are officially and unofficially available for most high-end phones today like Google’s Pixel lineup, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, iPhone, and more.



OnePlus Wooden Case

If you’re looking for a classier enclosure for your phone, try wooden cases. You can buy phone covers in both real and faux wood materials, depending on your budget. As you’d expect, they offer better protection than their fabric counterparts and don’t easily get dirty.

OnePlus now has first-party wooden cases in its store, or you can head over to third-party websites like Kerfcase.


iPhone XS Leather Case


Vintage enthusiasts should check out leather cases for their phones. The biggest highlight of them is, of course, that they age well and grow patina over time. Unlike other types, leather covers usually become better the longer you use them.

They are also quite grippy, so if you’re someone who drops their phone a lot, this is the way to go. You can try Amazon for leather cases or even first-party stores if you own a popular phone. Apple offers an iPhone XS leather case, and they’re also available for the Samsung Galaxy.

Carbon Fiber

OnePlus Carbon Fiber Case

For people who are into supercars, case makers now even offer carbon fiber accessories. Their headlining trait, apart their unique look, is just how grippy they are.


Plus, the majority of them are built using military-grade Kevlar fiber. You won’t need to worry about protection with them.

2. Transparent Cases

Hard Transparent Cases

Most people prefer transparent cases because they bring an extra layer of protection but don’t hide your phone’s design. However, silicone transparent cases tend to quickly get greasy and turn yellow.

Thus we recommend you should always look for hard transparent covers instead of soft. They are more secure and won’t lose their original charm in a few months.

Bumper Cases

iPhone bumper case


Alternatively, you can go with bumper cases. These are similar to hard transparent covers with one major difference—they add an additional sheet of rubber around the edges. This produces a relatively safe sleeve and improves the grip.

3. Wallet Cases

iPhone Wallet Case

If you like to keep everything in one place, your phone cover can serve multiple purposes. Many companies sell cases that have attached pockets. In there, you can store your credit cards, cash, and other items that usually live in your wallet or purse.

Wallet cases come in a wide variety of materials such as leather, silicon, and more. Some are minimal and stick on the back of your phone, while others cover the entire device and flip open to reveal the screen and pockets.

4. Thin Fits

Spigen thin fit

Regular covers, even novelty ones, can be bulky. This is especially true if you have smaller hands and are still getting used to large phones 9 Tips for Using Your Big Android Phone With Just One Hand Is your Android phone too large to use with just one hand? Then you should try out some of these tips and tricks for making that screen real estate more accessible. Read More . That’s where thin-fit cases come in.

They are extremely slim, but still guard your phone against some level of drops. The majority of well-known brands such as Spigen have thin-fit options.

5. Heavy-Duty

Otterbox iPhone XR Case

Few people prefer putting hefty heavy-duty cases on their phones. But times have changed, and rugged covers are not that impractical anymore. Manufacturers like Otterbox offer heavy-duty cases in a handful of designs and materials, including wood, for phones by Huawei, Apple, Google, and more.

In addition to being nearly indestructible, these types of covers also bring an easier-to-grip surface for your fingers to rest on. That’s especially beneficial if you have an all-glass phone.

6. Moment Photo Case

Moment iPhone Rugged Case

We mentioned that phone cases are gaining multipurpose abilities, and that isn’t just limited to hybrid wallet cases. Accessory maker Moment’s photo cases let you mount external lenses on a compatible device.

You can buy a telephoto, fish-eye, wide-angle, and even an Anamorphic lens if you’d like to shoot cinematic videos on your phone. What’s more, the Moment photo cases are available in several options, such as wood and leather.

7. Phone Skins

OnePlus 6T Dbrand Skin

Lastly, if none of those cases manage to convince you, we recommend investing in smartphone skins. They don’t add any protective layer, but still allow you to personalize your phone.

Buying a high-quality skin from vendors like Dbrand also ensures removing them won’t leave any residue on your phone’s back. As for the styles, there are a ton of them to choose from, including marble, camouflage, classic matte, and more.

Accessorize Your Phone

While encasing your new phone might sound counter-intuitive, it’s better to invest in a cover instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a repair later. But cases are just one part of the smartphone accessory equation.

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    I have a Droid Turbo, and it has a Ballistic Nylon back. Looks similar to carbon fiber. Thought it was carbon fiber at first.