PlugsMap: Maps Types of Electrical Sockets Used WorldWide
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If you plan to use your notebook abroad, you should be aware that foreign countries have different power plugs and sockets, and different AC voltages (110/240 V). While AC voltage adapters are sold included with most notebooks, power plugs are not.

This page provides you with a map where you can check different types of electrical sockets used in different regions and countries worldwide. So before you leave abroad, check out the type of power plug used in a foreign country you traveling to, and buy it from your local electronics store.

types of electrical sockets


  • Find out the types of electrical plugs and sockets used in different countries worldwide.
  • View results on a map by corresponding colors.
  • Info provided by notebook vendor Eurocop.

Check out Power Plugs World Map @ [No Longer Available]

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