Two Quick Shortcuts for Your Chrome Downloads Menu
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All major browsers keep a list of items you’ve downloaded, and if you download a lot you’ve probably installed a download manager to keep things speedy. Even those who don’t use one, though, will find themselves visiting Chrome’s Downloads menu from time to time.

If you prefer visual shortcuts, here are two ways to get to your Chrome downloads list right away.

First, you can open the downloads menu (Three-bar Menu > Downloads or Ctrl + J) and bookmark it using Ctrl + D. Place the new bookmark on your bookmarks bar for easy access; leaving the name field blank will save space if you want to cram as many icons as possible onto the bar.

If you find this shortcut too basic, try the Your Download Box extension. This extension adds an icon to the right of the address bar that you can click to view your recent downloads — you can open a file, open its location, cancel a download, or retry a failed download right from the window.

In addition, this extension hides the downloads bar at the bottom of the screen, as it replaces its functionality (and does it better).

Even if you don’t download a lot, try this extension out. You’ll appreciate not having that bar glued to the bottom of your screen, and it’s nice to access your downloads without opening a new tab.

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Which solution do you prefer? Tell us how you manage your Chrome downloads below!

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