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Use These Great Twitter Tools to Manage Your Feed

Dan Price 15-03-2017

Do you follow hundreds of people on Twitter? If you do, there are probably inactive accounts, topics you’ve lost interest in, and spam accounts that are on your follow list. But while Twitter doesn’t make it easy to manage your followers or your lists, there are a number of third-party Twitter tools that can help.


These four tools will make managing who you follow How to Wipe Your Twitter Following List in a Click Deleting your Twitter following list can be a time-consuming process -- unless you use this nifty script that can do it all for you in the blink of an eye. Read More  much easier. They’ll help you cut through the noise, keep your feed feeling fresh, and deliver a much richer experience.

1. Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow has been around for several years. In that time, it’s grown to be one of the most powerful and feature-rich Twitter tools for managing the people you follow.

After signing up for an account and connecting your Twitter username, your data will appear on your home screen. There are five tabs to help you: Following (people you follow but who do not follow you back), Fans (people who follow you but you do not follow), Friends (mutual follows), New Unfollowers, and New Followers.

Twitter tools: Friend or Follow

You can filter each of the five tabs for more refined results. For example, you can sort by account age, date of last tweet, tweet frequency, followers/following ratio, and more. You can follow and unfollow people from within the app, and each user’s bio is pulled in so you know who the person is.


You can also connect the app to Pinterest and Tumblr. Premium plans are available if you need to manage multiple accounts on each network.

2. TwitListManager

Twitter lists are incredible Drowning In Tweets? How To Use Twitter Lists To Unclutter Your Feed By default, Twitter shows tweets from everyone you're following in one huge stream. Things tend to drown. Learn how to use Twitter lists to tame your Twitter feed. Read More . If you’re not using them, you should start. They allow you to curate feeds of tweets from specific users. You could have one for your friends, one for tech journalists, one for your favorite sports teams, and so on.

But there’s a problem: it’s notoriously difficult to manage lists from within Twitter Use These Twitter List Managers to Keep Your Lists Under Control If you're following hundreds or thousands of people on Twitter, even your lists can be a bit much to handle. We set out to find the best Twitter list manager of them all. Read More . Adding and removing users is tedious (you have to it one by one), and there are no analytics available.

Twitter tools: TwitList Manager


TwitListManager is the solution. It’s not visually pleasing, and it’s not packed with features. But if you want to add and remove list members in bulk, easily make new lists, or delete old lists, there no better tool available.

The app displays the people you follow in reserve chronological order; the people you followed most recently will be at the top of the list. Just tick the checkboxes under the lists you want to add users to. Make sure you hit Save Changes before navigating to the next page, or you’ll lose all your work.

The app is entirely free to use — there are no premium versions and no hidden in-app purchases.

3. Tweepi

Like Friend or Follow, Tweepi offers tools for managing the people you follow. You can find out who does not follow you back and who you’re not following, and then make adjustments accordingly.


The site displays all the results on an easy-to-understand table. It shows the person’s location, followed/follower ratio, date of their last tweet, and a link to the user’s bio. You can sort each column by clicking on it.

Twitter tools: Tweepi

Tweepi offers some additional tools that Friend or Follow does not. There’s a way to find new people to follow based on which other users they’re interested in, follow the same people that a famous celebrity or sportsperson follows, or automatically follow all the users in someone else’s Twitter list.

If you upgrade to the Silver version, the app also includes some fantastic tools for managing the people who follow you. For example, you can force anyone who does not have a profile picture to unfollow you, force people without a bio to unfollow you, and force anyone who been inactive for a specified period of time to unfollow you.


The Silver subscription costs $10.75 per month.

4. ManageFlitter

By now, you’ll have realized some of the basics — seeing who’s active, who posts the most frequently, and so on — are standard features. To stand out, Twitter tools need to have added value, and ManageFlitter certainly does.

Twitter tools: ManageFlitter

There are three standout tools:

  1. Influence — You can see who you’re following that’s considered to be “high influence” and “low influence.” Have you been giving too much credence to a low influence user? Now you can find out.
  2. Spam accounts — Twitter bots are very believable these days. In the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, it was estimated that almost a third of pro-Trump tweets and a fifth of pro-Clinton tweets came from bots. Amazingly, people interacted and argued with them. Don’t be a victim. Check for spam accounts.
  3. Non-English — Twitter can be a great help if you’re learning another language Learn a New Language With Duolingo Clubs Language learning can be tough, mainly because it's too easy to run out of steam and lose motivation. That's where Duolingo Clubs comes in to help. Read More . However, if you’re not trying to learn and don’t speak a word of non-English dialect, there is little point in following accounts in foreign languages. They’re just going to clog up your feed. The non-English tool lets you identify which accounts send most of their tweets in another tongue.

A Word of Warning

The tools I’ve listed require you to give the third-party app access to your Twitter account. Doing so carries privacy implications; the apps can take over your entire account.

Twitter tools: giving account access

Therefore, when you’ve finished using the tool, make sure you revoke its access How to Disable Apps That Put Your Twitter Account at Risk If you use your Twitter account to log into third-party sites, you may be putting your social media profile at risk! Here's what to do about it. Read More . To do so, log into your account and head to Settings and Privacy > Apps. Click Revoke Access on any apps you want to remove and refresh the page.

Use These Great Twitter Tools to Manage Your Feed twitter revoke apps

You can always re-add the apps in the future if you want to use them again.

Which Twitter Tools Do You Use?

In this article, I’ve introduced you to four of my favorite third-party apps for managing Twitter Twitter on Mac: The 7 Best Apps to Use in 2018 As a Mac user, you're better off using a dedicated Twitter client for Mac than the horrible Twitter website. Read More followers.

But there a lot of Twitter tools available, and maybe I’ve missed your favorite. I’d love to gather your input.

Which apps do you use? What features make them unique? Why are they better than the apps I’ve discussed? Leave your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions in the comments below.

Image Credits: Ryan Jorgensen – Jorgo/Shutterstock

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