Twitter Launches Twitter Stories [News]

With an estimated 140 million tweets posted per day, Twitter is the largest online forum on the Internet. The real-time information network, based in San Francisco, is used by nearly every country on the planet. When Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, Twitter received 456 tweets per second, and on New Year’s day in Japan, 6,939 tweets were posted per second. With these types of numbers, there are bound to be stories behind the 140 character posts. To capture the stories, Twitter has launched Twitter Stories to highlight the huge impact individual tweets can have.

The Twitter stories posted so far include a short piece about movie critic Roger Ebert who lost his ability to speak due to complications from cancer surgeries, but now uses Twitter to communicate to over 500,000 of his followers.

Another story, told in video, is about a mother whose bookstore was hit hard by an economic downturn, but was revived by her son who posted tweets asking people to purchase books at the bookstore. He tweeted: “Buy a book at Broadway Books. No wait, buy 3 of em. I’ll buy you a burrito the next time I’m in town.”


You can share your own story of how you or someone else has used Twitter in an interesting way. Stories can be submitted by using @twitterstories or or the hashtag #twitterstories, and including a link to a photo or video that helps illustrate the story. Each month Twitter says it will curate a selection of profiles to share.

Source: Twitter Blog

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