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Twitter Launches Storify-Like Custom Timelines On Tweetdeck

Mihir Patkar 14-11-2013

You should be on Twitter even if you don’t like it 4 Reasons I Don't Like Twitter And Why I Joined Anyway [Opinion] Lately I’ve been hearing it more and more - you’re a nobody in the online world if you don’t use Twitter. Surprisingly, I’ve been part of the online world for quite a few years now,... Read More . And if you are using it, you should check out its awesome Tweetdeck app Why Twitter's TweetDeck Is Worth A Second Look In the last few months, Twitter has become my favorite social networking hangout, mainly because I find it less time consuming than Facebook and Tumblr, and I can certainly update it quicker than I can... Read More —available for Web, Chrome, PC and Mac—since it can change how you operate the micro-blogging network, especially with cool features like the new Custom Timelines that Twitter has introduced exclusively on Tweetdeck.


Custom Timelines are very similar to an existing popular service—Storify lets you curate tweets Top Tools for Curating Knowledge & Publishing Shareable Content Content curation can enhance your professional reputation. For many people it's still a mystery. So, what is content curation and how can you do it properly? Read More and other media into one shareable list. Similarly, this new feature will allow users to curate tweets and make a timeline that they can embed on websites or share with anyone.

Tweetdeck users will find a new option to create a column for ‘Custom Timelines’ in the sidebar. This appears as a regular column in Tweetdeck—which reduces clutter drastically Don't Clutter Your Computer: TweetDeck For Chrome Is A Complete In-Browser Social Client If you use Twitter in any capacity, there’s a 75% chance you’re using a client. After all, Twitter’s web interface is not the most convenient, and if you’re keeping track of more than one account,... Read More —and you can name it what you want. To add any tweet to the timeline, just drag-and-drop it from any of your other columns to the Custom Timeline. Want to remove a tweet? Click the ‘X’ and it’s gone. It’s really that simple.


While Custom Timelines can only be created through Tweetdeck, they can be seen by anyone as they appear on the regular or embedded on any other site. For example, Politico has created timelines to track energy conversations on Twitter and embedded them on its site, while Twitter Music has custom listed the best new songs you can listen to. On Tweetdeck, you can click a user’s profile to see all the Custom Timelines created by them.

Custom Timelines will be rolling out over the next several days to TweetDeck for Web, Chrome and PC, and will be coming soon to the Mac app, the company said.


Source: Twitter blog (1), Twitter blog (2) | Image Credit: tetue

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