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Twitter Brings Back the Chronological Timeline

Dave Parrack 18-09-2018

Twitter is bringing back the chronological timeline. This change means you’ll be able to see all of the tweets from the accounts you follow delivered in reverse order. Which is, apart from an Edit button, all Twitter users have been requesting for years.


Chronological Gives Way to Algorithms

When Twitter first launched, and for many years after, tweets would be displayed in chronological order. At the top were the latest tweets from the people you followed, and as you scrolled down you would see older tweets presented in reverse order.

Then, in 2016, Twitter started messing with people’s timelines. While it was still possible to see most tweets in chronological order, Twitter’s algorithms thought it knew better. Cue certain tweets given a higher billing than others, and complaints from users.

Twitter Finally Gives Users the Option

Now, Twitter has finally listened to those complaints. In a thread of tweets from Twitter Support, the social network has indicated it’s working on a way to “switch between a timeline of Tweets that are most relevant for you and a timeline of the latest Tweets.”

In the meantime Twitter has changed the way its “Show the best Tweets first” option works. Previously, unticking this option meant you would still see recommended and missed tweets. Now, if you untick this you should just see tweets in chronological order.

While Twitter claims it has been planning this for a while, it happened to pull the trigger soon after a tweet detailing a workaround went viral. The tweet, embedded above, shows how muting certain words can force Twitter to deliver a chronological timeline.


Welcome Back, Sweet Chronological Timeline

Regardless of the timing, and Twitter’s reasoning for acting now, years after people started complaining, this is a positive move. Sure, most of us have got used to seeing random tweets inserted in our timelines, but that doesn’t mean we like it.

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