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MOin 17-01-2013

Twitter is an immense social network with users from around the world. Countless people share their updates through text, images, and videos on the network. For somebody who wants insight on trends, opinions, and discussions, Twitter just might be the best place. But the native search in Twitter lacks in many ways namely, the gathering of specific statistics.


For instance, if you have to analyze the usage of a Twitter account, you would need a breakdown of time spent on Twitter, who was replied to the most, who is followed, tweeting trends, and a lot more. All of these features are simply absent from the native Twitter interface. Here to fill that gap left by the social network’s native interface is a web service called Twitonomy.

stats about twitter users

Twitonomy is a free to use web service that lets you get in-depth Twitter statistics. When it comes to specific users, the website is the most useful. For each user that has publicly viewable tweets, you get a breakdown of total tweets and percentages values of various categories. You also get other useful information such as multiple graphs of tweeting activity, and information about which user was tweeted most by the account and who was replied to the most.


The app lets you export tweets to an Excel sheet to keep local backups. You can find out who is not following you back, you can batch remove people by adding them to lists, and you can even track clicks on the links in your tweets.


All of these features are offered under a single dashboard for free, thanks to Twitonomy.


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