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Twitch Launches a Free Karaoke Game Called Twitch Sings

Dave Parrack 15-04-2019

Twitch has launched its first original game. It’s called Twitch Sings, and, as the name suggests, it’s a karaoke game. While Twitch Sings is free to play on PC, Twitch hopes you’ll stream yourself singing along to one of the thousands of songs available.


Since launching in 2011 as a spinoff of Justin.tv, Twitch has become the biggest video game streaming site in the world. And what better way to cement its position than to develop its own video games made with streamers in mind. Starting with Twitch Sings.

Twitch Sings Is for Wannabe Pop Stars Everywhere

Twitch Sings is a karaoke game in the mold of SingStar and Lips. You choose a song, and then sing it at the top of your lungs to the best of your ability. Twitch Sings is free to play on PC, with thousands of songs covering a range of decades and genres.

Twitch Sings streams songs from the cloud, which means you have to be online to play the game. However, broadcasting yourself singing is entirely optional. And if you decide to start streaming you can opt to only show an avatar on a stage.

For those who do want to broadcast themselves singing, there are additional features including a co-op mode, virtual standing ovations, and voting on which song to sing next. The audience can also challenge the streamer to sing without lyrics or sing in a silly voice.


You’ll be judged on how well you’re singing, and be awarded XP and coins as a result. XP levels up your profile, and you can use the coins to purchase items for your avatar. Twitch Sings is available to download on Windows right now using Twitch’s own installer.

Twitch Sings Lets You Stream Yourself Singing

Twitch Sings is the perfect fit for Twitch. Streamers get to show off to their viewers, whether by singing brilliantly or by making people laugh, and viewers get to watch people play a game that has literally been built with streaming in mind.

Twitch Sings is also another way of helping streamers and viewers connect. Which is a good idea when streamers are nothing without an audience. And Twitch Sings comes hot on the heels of Squad Stream, which lets streamers broadcast live together How to Squad Stream Together on Twitch In this article we explain how to Squad Stream, which allows up to four Twitch streamers to broadcast live together. Read More .

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