How to Make a Twitch Overlay Using Photoshop

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Twitch has changed the face of gaming in recent years, with top Twitch streamers making big bucks playing their favorite games. For many viewers, Twitch is like a new form of social media, and despite recent changes to the Twitch rules, its popularity is greater than ever.

If you want to make money streaming, you’ll need to build a large viewership on Twitch, and an important part of that is making your stream look professional.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a simple Twitch overlay using Photoshop. And while this overlay is for Minecraft, it can be modified to work with any other game. And it will also work perfectly for streaming on YouTube Gaming or even Mixer, Microsoft’s alternative to Twitch.

Getting Started

Before we start, let’s look at what we will finish up with today:

twitch overlay

Everything in this tutorial is relatively simple, but if you are new to Photoshop, it may help to first read our Photoshop layers tutorial Adobe Photoshop Tips: Photoshop Layers Tutorial Adobe Photoshop Tips: Photoshop Layers Tutorial Read More . If you are looking for a free alternative to Photoshop, GIMP is incredibly powerful.

If you want to make a Twitch overlay without using Photoshop, this project is completely possible in GIMP. Because the tools you will be using will be a little different, I would suggest you read our guide to GIMP An Introduction to GIMP Photo Editing: 9 Things You Need to Know An Introduction to GIMP Photo Editing: 9 Things You Need to Know GIMP is the best free photo editing app available. Here's everything you need to know about editing photos in GIMP. Read More first.

With that said, let’s take a look at how to make a Twitch overlay with Photoshop.

Creating the Canvas

To begin creating the overlay, open up Photoshop and create a new image the same size as your screen resolution.

twitch overlay

Now that we have a blank document, we need a guide to build our overlay around. I would suggest taking a screenshot of your chosen game and loading it into Photoshop by clicking File & Place and selecting your image. Stretch the image out to the full size of the canvas. Now we can begin creating our overlay elements.

twitch overlay

Adding a Top Bar

Create a new layer and name it Top Banner. Select the Rectangle Tool from the left side menu. On the same menu, open up the color selector and choose your background color.

twitch overlay

Now click and drag across the top of your new layer to create a top banner. Don’t worry if you overlap the canvas edges, the rectangle should snap into place with the side.

twitch overlay

Now, to give this rectangle a border, right click on the layer and select Blending Options. Select Stroke from the menu that appears, and set the stroke width and color to what works for you. In this case, 10px wide with a dark red color looks good. Click OK, and select your layer. Turn on the move tool by pressing the letter V and move the top banner upwards so that it has enough space to add text later, but doesn’t obscure too much of the game screen.

Finally, select the top banner layer, and bring its opacity down to around 75 percent. This will allow the game to show through slightly and gives the overlay a more dynamic effect.

twitch overlay

You’ve made a great start, and you can use what you have done so far to create the two bottom banners.

The Bottom Banners

Rather than do the same work again for these bottom banners, simply right-click the Top Banner and select Duplicate Layer. Name this new layer Bottom Right and using the Move Tool (V on the keyboard), move it to the bottom right of your screen. Make sure it doesn’t overlap with the in-game toolbar, and use the Ctrl key while dragging to place it with more precision.

twitch overlay

To create the bottom left bar just follow the same method as above, and move it down to the bottom left side of the screen. Our basic overlay is now complete, so we can add a frame for our camera.

Camera Frame

Create a new layer, and call it Frame. Select the Rectangle Tool again, and create a perfect square by holding down the Shift key while dragging the mouse cursor. Don’t worry about the color of the square, we will be getting rid of the fill later.

twitch overlay

To create the frame, right click on the layer, and select Blending Options. Select Stroke but this time select Inner from the Position drop down menu, to make the frame come into the square rather than be put on the outside.

twitch overlay

Once again select a color and width which fits the color scheme you have so far. Now select the layer, and change it’s Fill to 0 percent, leaving just the frame.

twitch overlay

Use the Move Tool to place it above the bottom left banner, and resize it if you need to by holding the Shift key to preserve its aspect ratio.

how to make twitch overlay on photoshop

The overlay is starting to come together, but now it’s time to add some text.

Adding Text

To begin adding text, create a new layer. Use the Text Tool (or press T on your keuyboard) and drag out a new text box. Select the Character menu from the right hand side as shown below:

twitch overlay

If you cannot see this button on your Photoshop layout, you can open the menu by clicking Window > Character. Select your chosen font and color here, and add your text. Use the Move Tool to place your text onto one of your bottom banners. It should snap into place, but the Ctrl key can help you finesse it to exactly where you want it to be.

twitch overlay

Now we have text, but it looks a little bland. So, to make it stand out, right click on the text layer, and again select Blending Options. Give the text a Stroke and also a Drop Shadow to make it stand out a little. The default values are used here, but you can play with the settings to create a much more pronounced “floating text” effect too.

twitch overlay

Create text elements for the other three corners by right-clicking on this layer and selecting Duplicate Layer, and using the Move Tool to move each new layer to their respective corners.

twitch overlay

With our text now in place, we are close to being finished. Let’s just add logos for social media and a header logo for the channel.

Social Media Logos

It is easier to use premade icons which are commercially free to use. A website like Icon Finder can help with this, but be sure that any icons you use are marked Free for commercial use to avoid getting in legal trouble later. Import your logo into Photoshop using the File > Place menu. If you cannot see your logo, make sure it is on top by dragging its layer to the top of the layer menu.

twitch overlay

Now we have a Facebook logo, but it is a little bland. Let’s make it fit in by right-clicking on its layer, and selecting Blending Options, followed by Stroke. Give it an outer stroke the same width as your top banner’s stroke. When selecting the color, you can use the dropper to match the color to your top banner.

twitch overlay

Move the logo up to the top left portion of the screen, and by using the Ctrl key place it carefully so that it fits into the corner.

twitch overlay

For the Twitter logo, follow the same method of using Place to add it to the project. You can save a little time here by selecting the Facebook logo layer, right-clicking and choosing Copy Layer Style, before returning to the new Twitter logo layer and using Paste Layer Style to give it the same stroke width and color. Move this logo to the opposite top corner, and, if needed, move your text so that it fits.

twitch overlay

Now let’s add the center logo.

Channel Logo

If you have a channel logo, it’s good to have it front and center so that everyone can see it immediately when they start watching. If you don’t have a logo as yet, you could replace this with a some custom text featuring your channel name or website.

To begin, drag a ruler out from the left toolbar, it should snap to the center of the screen.

twitch overlay

If you cannot see your ruler or it is not snapping, look under the View menu and check that both Ruler and Snap are selected.

Place your logo into the project. It should be automatically centered on the ruler. Create a new layer, and drag it to the layer below the logo. Use the Rectangle Tool to create a rectangle slightly larger than the logo, giving it a framed effect.

twitch overlay

To make it stand out, give your newly created square an Outer Stroke the same color as the rest of your borders. To make it easier to move the logo and border as one, hold Ctrl to select both layers. Right-click and select Convert to smart object. This stores both our logo and border on the same layer, which can still be edited later if needed.

twitch overlay

Move your logo to the top of the overlay and resize it to fit. And that’s it, we’re all done.

Saving the Overlay

Before saving the overlay as an image, save it as a Photoshop document with a filename like “Minecraft Twitch Template” so you can change it later to use with different games.

To make the background transparent, select the Eye icon on your game screenshot and background layers, leaving only the overlay elements showing.

twitch overlay

Save this file with the .PNG extension, and load it into your streaming software of choice to use it. Here is the finished overlay in my streaming software, with the overlay as the top layer, the camera as the middle layer, and Minecraft as the bottom layer.

twitch overlay

Twitch Overlay Complete: Now Get to Streaming!

Now that you know how to make a Twitch overlay, it’s time to get streaming! Get your channel started by setting up your streaming software and choosing what games to play on Twitch Can't Get Viewers on Twitch? You're Playing the Wrong Games Can't Get Viewers on Twitch? You're Playing the Wrong Games Trying to build an audience on Twitch feels like hosting a party that you forgot to send out invitations for. If you want to boost your traffic, consider these questions when you pick a game. Read More . And if you’re really going for production value, try broadcasting with a green screen How To Broadcast Live With A Green Screen How To Broadcast Live With A Green Screen Wouldn't it be cool if we could use this green screen effect for a live broadcast - like on Google Hangouts, or Skype? "Yes indeed it would be, James" is the answer you're looking for... Read More . Above all else, have fun!

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    March 31, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    Another good program for making Twitch overlays is Gravit Designer. It's free, but it's kind of a RAM hog due to it's Electron base.