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Christian Cawley 11-02-2020

Running a website is fairly easy, but making your visitors happy and having them engage with the site isn’t as easy as you might think. Whether you’re managing content, selling new lines, or promoting the latest initiative, there’s always an issue with engagements.

It might be your site’s tone. Perhaps readers dislike the offer prices, or leave if they don’t feel like the services apply to them. What if you could change this behavior and keep people on your site for longer, with comparatively little effort?

That’s where Automated Personalization platform comes in. Combining user profiling with objective detection, twik  is a freemium service that matches products and service to users.

What Is an Automated Personalization Platform?

In short, twik AI algorithms automate your personalization delivery on almost every piece of web content (like products, forms, and more) without modifying a single line of code on your site. The team behind twik describes it in the following way:

“The first real-time, fingerprint based, single snippet-installation, fully-automated and GDPR compliant BI, targeting, delivery and personalization engine that increases conversions and retention.”

twik combines user profiling with objective detection to match content to users. So you might want to try out a variety of headlines for a particular product or display different phrases on a call to action (CTA). There’s no single winning variant—every user will get a version of your website that’s twik constantly optimizes for their particular tastes. With these personalized elements, people are more likely to convert.

You’ll manage all this from a visual editor that offers so much control.

How Much Is twik?

twik has a modular pricing structure in place. This makes it attractive to users of all levels, whether you’re a sole website editor or have a network of sites to maintain.

Personalize content on your website with twik

To start, there’s the Freemium option, which covers one domain (additional domains are $20 each). You’ll also get 10,000 pageviews of business intelligence (BI) analysis, 5,000 pageviews of personalization, and a single piece of live content bundled.

Increasing these options means you’ll need to pay. BI comes at $0.001 per pageview, while AI personalization costs $0.002 per pageview.

twik’s unique features are more expensive, however. Live content comes at a cost of $10 per piece, while Pixel queries (which let you check if your visitors are signed into other websites) are $50. However, Pixel queries are only accessible if you add a personal account manager to your plan, which starts at $1,500.

You can adjust your reliance on twik through the useful sliders on the pricing page. Thus, quite simply, you can “pay as you grow.”

Adding twik to Your Website Is Simple

Using twik with your website is remarkably simple. You have three options for integration:

  • Place one line of code in the <head> tag, like Google Analytics
  • WordPress plugin
  • Google Tag Manager

While the one line of code method works if you’re running WordPress, it’s a little more complicated to implement. The plugin works fine; you can grab it from the twik resources page.

Install twik on your WordPress blog

twik generates the code for you. Simply log in and add a domain when prompted (or click Domains > + New in the top-left menu), then click Project Settings. Here you’ll find a Snippet ID, along with the HTML/JavaScript code for your site.

While you’re allowed to manage as many domains as you need here, note that twik’s freemium version offers only one domain.

Is twik Breaking Online Privacy Rules?

You’ll also spot the Pixel queries menu in the Project Settings screen. This lets you check if visitors are logged into certain other websites, and is a proprietary technology.

Of course, this begs the question: does twik break online privacy rules?

Learn what other sites your visitors are reading with Twik

We’re confident that it doesn’t. A read of the company’s privacy policy should set most minds at rest. As the twik team told us, the service has “no idea who the user is.”

Target Your Audience With twik…

Anyone wishing to target their audience and maximize conversions has various options available with twik. While you might be familiar with similar functionality in Google Analytics, twik goes much deeper by allowing you to target specific demographics through lots of criteria.

Using it, you can reach an individual’s demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data interests such as age, browser, device, gender, geolocation, browsing history, household income (US only), language, network speed, and more. twik can also detect, target, and deliver based on the following factors:

  • Device operating system
  • Local weather
  • New/returning readers
  • Open social network in another tab
  • The referral URL
  • What pages they’ve visited
  • Adblock users
  • Engagement per session
  • Session duration
  • Session frequency
  • Local currency
  • Conversion status
  • Whether they’re logged into competitor sites

Set variant content for A/B testing on twik

That’s quite a lot of options—why? As the team described to us:

“Audiences allow you to define user profile groups based on behavioral and demographic KPIs. These, in turn, can be used for targeting/retargeting, experimentation, or BI for specific profile definitions.”

…Then Give Them What They Want

With twik, the aim is to increase conversions and build your audience. Targeting and immediately delivering a tailored customer and user experience to visitors can encourage better actions from carts, forms, posts, and all other actionable elements.

For an online shopping site, that might mean ensuring visitors don’t leave without taking advantage of an offer that’s most suitable for them. A news site might suggest a subscription.

At least, that’s what you should do already. With twik, there’s the opportunity to automate a more aggressive policy of increasing conversions. You can tweak every element on your page, from paragraphs and images to buttons, bars, and headings!

Select elements on your site to be switched with variants

For online shopping, you might target visitors to your store with lower prices than what a competitor offers. If the reader is signed into a fan site or social network page for a certain movie or TV show, you can present them with appropriate piece content on your site.

Consider adding specific content, setting certain specific prices, and even pitching unique offers. To help with this, a Variants Library features “plug and play” scripts free of charge—you can even use the handy Google Ads extension.

Scripts are grouped by Accessibility, Acquisition, Conversion, Engagement, and Retention. These include items like Google Autocomplete for search boxes, Smart Sort Personalization, Social Sharing, automation, and more. It’s also possible to add scripts to the library for sharing with other web personalization advocate worldwide users.

Personalized Automation Increases Conversions has the potential to revolutionize how marketers, product managers, C-level executives, site owners, brand advocates, creatives, content editors, and webmasters at every size of organization target their audiences. It lets you deliver nothing but the most interesting and compelling user experience for that customer.

From personalization on titles and buttons to targeting users with uniquely specific backgrounds and activities, twik is a must-have for anyone looking to maximize conversions and make their website more personal for visitors, all through the service’s unique automation.

Even better, what was once an enterprise system is now open to everyone starting for free. Now is the time to get going with twik; head to twik’s homepage and start personalizing your content today.

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