TweetyMail: Use Twitter Through Email
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Many people use their Twitter accounts a little too frequently. As a result, Twitter is often blocked on the internet network of workplaces. We can get email notifications from Twitter but they are of no practical use because we cannot control our Twitter account from them. TweetyMail provides a brilliant solution to all of that.

twitter through email

TweetyMail is a wonderful Twitter client offering a unique feature. By using TweetyMail we can control our Twitter through email. We can use this emailing system whether we want to tweet (text, pictures, or links), get our friends’ latest tweets, reply to messages, follow or unfollow a user, or block users from following us.

We start by linking our Twitter account with TweetyMail (no new account signup is required). Later we link an email address with TweetyMail and obtain the email addresses we will be mailing to (there is a different address for each action).

twitter via email


  • Use Twitter via email.
  • Unique idea and practical solution.
  • You can attach pictures to tweets.
  • Provides a wonderful way to walk around our network’s Twitter boycott.
  • Has a neat interface and a simple method of operation (emailing) which all internet users are familiar with.
  • Similar tools: TwitterMail, TweetAlarm How to Get Custom Twitter Alerts via Email How to Get Custom Twitter Alerts via Email There are lots of ways, both paid and free, to keep track of just about any keyword on Twitter. The easiest way? Set up automated emails using IFTTT. Read More and Listiti.

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