Tweet On The Go Like A Pro With This Killer Combo Of Apps [Android]

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twitter android appAh, that most addictive of Internet birds, Twitter.  No doubt it’s fun to tweet, and even more fun to read what other people tweet about and check out all of the interesting links they post. It’s a great way to kill time while you’re on the go, and thanks to a kick-ass new Android application that was recently released to the Market, tweeting on the go just became much more powerful.

In this post I’d like to propose a combo of two amazing mobile applications that can make you into a Twitter powerhouse – no computer needed.

For Reading What Others Tweet: Plume

I really like Twicca for Android; it’s a great Twitter client. But with over 30,000 ratings in the market and an average grade of 4.5 stars, I figured Plume can’t be all that bad, and decided to take it for a spin. Let’s see what it can do:

twitter android app

This is the default view of your timeline (or, rather, my timeline in this case). As the four dots on the top-right corner indicate, you can swipe right to see the other tabs: mentions, messages, and conversations/lists. If you want to tweet, just drag the bar from the top:

best twitter app for android

Plume also offers a lot of preferences and settings, so you can tweak it just the way you like it:

best twitter app for android

To get a sense of how comprehensive the options are, take a look at some of the Notifications settings:

best twitter app for android

It goes so far as to let you pick your own text color for the notification. Extremely customizable.

Okay, so to sum up the first part of this post – to tweet like a pro, you need a great mobile Twitter client. Perhaps it’s Twicca, or maybe Plume, or maybe it’s something else (tell me about it in the comments, I might take it for a spin). But you know what? That’s only half the picture, because here comes something new.

For Sending Your Own Tweets: Buffer

We’ve mentioned Buffer before, but never for Android, since the Android version was only recently released. Buffer is a service that lets you intelligently schedule tweets. Fill in your “buffer” with a whole bunch of original content when you have time, and it would then send those tweets out as a trickle, one at a time, at times they are most likely to be read.

And now, here comes the Buffer Twitter Android app. Let’s take a good long look at how it works, because it can really make a difference for people who tweet from different timezones, or who don’t have time to send out original content at nice intervals. It does require an account:

android twitter

Since I already have a Buffer account, I opted to sign in. After signing in, Buffer shows a nice introduction:

android twitter

It integrates with the native Android “Share” menu, which means you can schedule tweeting out images, webpages, or anything else that supports sharing. This is what adding a new tweet looks like:

android twitter

Once you add it to your buffer, it looks like this:

best twitter app for android

So you can see when it’s going to tweet, and drag it to arrange it. The free version of Buffer lets you keep up to ten tweets in your buffer at any given time – not a huge amount, but it should be enough for most people.  The Twitter Android app isn’t quite as powerful as the web version. To tweak your schedule, you’ll still need to access the Buffer web app, where the scheduling screen looks like this:

twitter android app

So you get to set your timezone and the days in which you’re going to tweet. But that’s a one-time operation, and once you do it, you can set it and forget it.

It may not look like much, but being able to schedule your tweets while on the go can make a big difference for some people. Unlike re-tweets, original tweets require some inspiration and wit (unless you go for something like “I just had a great breakfast”). Inspiration sometimes comes when you’re in front of the computer, but it can just as often strike when you’re out and about – and for those times, Buffer is fantastic.

Calling Mobile Twitter Power Users!

To those of you who are addicted to Twitter and use it on the go all the time, what do you think about my combo? Do you have a better system for tweeting according to a schedule? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Rafael Juárez
    November 25, 2011 at 7:53 am

    thanks!  im so getting Buffer!

    • Erez Zukerman
      November 26, 2011 at 8:06 pm

      How do you like it so far?