12 TV Shows to Download Off Netflix for Your Commute to Work

Sandy Writtenhouse 14-12-2016

Netflix recently introduced the ability to download TV shows and movies You Can Now Download Netflix Shows to Watch Offline Netflix is now allowing users to download content from its catalog to watch offline. This means you can enjoy Netflix even when you can't find a decent internet connection! Read More . This is terrific news for those who want to stay entertained on the go. Not all series and films are available for download, but we have a great list to get you started. From a 30-minute ride to work to a few hours on a plane for a vacation, get prepared with these awesome options.


NB: If you drive to work then please stick to listening to the radio or podcasts on your commute. This article is intended for people who are travelling on public transport or as a passenger with someone else at the wheel. You have been warned!

For Short Commutes

Whether riding in a car pool or on a brief cab ride, these shows will keep you entertained wherever you have to go. The episodes are under 30 minutes each, which is just right for those quick journeys.

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1. The Twilight Zone (Original Series) [No Longer Available]

Take a step back in time or to a different dimension on your next commute. The original supernatural series, The Twilight Zone, is great for a brief commute. This classic from the 1960s brings a suspenseful, black and white bit of nostalgia to fans of the show. There are four seasons currently available, with plenty of episodes in each.

2. Frasier [No Longer Available]

Another classic, although not one that’s old enough to be in black and white, is Frasier. In this funny spinoff of Cheers, get ready to laugh at the snobby psychiatrist, his even snobbier brother, and the rest of the crew. They bring humor, sarcasm, and wit right to your device with all 11 seasons available to download.


3. The Office (US)

When you are headed to the office each morning, what could be more appropriate than a good giggle with The Office. With corporate rumors, inappropriate behavior, and office party antics, laugh your way to and from work each day. Choose from nine seasons and see why this sitcom won the 2006 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

4. New Girl [No Longer Available]

If you enjoy romantic comedies, then New Girl is a terrific choice for your short commute. What begins as a bad breakup for a quirky girl turns into a hilarious situation comedy with her and her three new male roommates. There are five funny seasons available for download.

For Medium Commutes

When you have a longer commute to work, shows that come in just under an hour are ideal. From criminals to psychos, dive into a drama and enjoy the colorful characters you will meet.


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5. Blue Bloods [No Longer Available]

In Blue Bloods, you can step into the shoes of a family of crime fighters. With Tom Selleck starring as the New York City police commissioner, his two sons as cops, and his daughter as a lawyer, this is a winning crime drama. There are currently six seasons available with episodes that are under an hour each, making it ideal for medium-length commutes.

6. Bates Motel

With a story taken from Alfred Hitchcock’s hit movie Psycho, Bates Motel takes you through the life of Norman Bates before that famous shower scene. In this show you can watch how he became the knife-wielding killer obsessed with his mother. You can catch up from the start of the series with the first three seasons available on Netflix.


7. CSI: Miami [No Longer Available]

A spinoff of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami takes you to the beach. When a former detective takes over a forensics unit, solving mysteries behind the crimes of Miami is only the beginning. From personal character stories to intense drama tales, it is crime scene investigation at its best. There are currently 10 seasons for you to sink your teeth into on those lengthy commutes.

8. CSI: NY [No Longer Available]

If you prefer the Big Apple to sunny Miami, then check out CSI: NY. Also a spinoff of the original series, Gary Sinise, from the popular movie Forrest Gump, leads a team of forensic experts. With interesting storylines, suspenseful action, and a great cast, the nine seasons available are bound to keep you going back for more.

For Long Commutes (or Vacations)

If you are getting ready for a plane ride across the world or a road trip across the country, take captivating shows with you. With a bit of history, crazy criminals, and real-life drama, these shows will help you pass the time until you reach your destination.


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9. Criminal Minds [No Longer Available]

Follow the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit in Criminal Minds. With 11 seasons currently available for download, you can start at the beginning or catch up where you left off. For a road trip across the country, this intense drama that delves into the disturbing minds of psychopathic criminals will keep you entertained for hours.

10. Hatfields & McCoys [No Longer Available]

There is no better time to delve into an engaging miniseries than when traveling a long way. Hatfields & McCoys pits actors Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton against each other representing the most notable family feud of all time. This three-part intense and interesting drama is perfect for a three-hour plane or train ride.

11. Making a Murderer

If real-life crime and drama are more your thing, then Making a Murderer might be right up your alley. This original Netflix documentary follows a man who spent eight years in prison only to be released due to a wrongful conviction. Watch over 10 years of filming as the story unfolds in this one-season, 10-episode-long thriller.

12. Forensic Files Collection

For more true crime stories, check out the Forensic Files Collection. Take a peek into the forensics lab and listen to detectives as they solve actual crimes. This documentary-style series offers a collection of 40 short episodes that you can watch one after the other on your next journey.

How to Download These Shows and More

Netflix offers a new section on the mobile app called Available for Download. This is a handy way to see all of the shows that can be obtained. Just keep in mind that the section includes both television shows and movies.

Alternatively, you can browse the TV Shows category from the left-hand navigation or use the search feature to find a certain one. To see if your pick is available for download, simply select the show and under Episodes make sure you see the Download icon (a down arrow with a line) on the right.

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Which TV Shows Do You Recommend for Commuters?

With shows that go from classics to comedies to crime dramas, there is definitely a series for every taste now available for download. What types of shows are you looking forward to watching on your travels?

Our readers are always on the lookout for new Netflix content. So, if your favorite TV show is now available for download on Netflix and you would like to recommend it, please feel free to tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Ian Philpot
    December 15, 2016 at 12:55 am

    My commute is generally more than an hour each way, so I've been sticking to documentary movies -- currently have Requiem for the American Dream and We Are Legion downloaded for this week. If I hadn't already watched it, Making a Murderer would be perfect. I'm considering downloading Black Mirror, but I'm not sure I want to be creeped out first thing in the morning. Also have the first two episodes of Master of None downloaded. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

    • watcher
      December 16, 2016 at 8:44 pm

      Black Mirror is awesome, you won't be "creeped out" by it. Master of None is... fairly... okay, but I'm sure the show is meant to be taken like, "Comedy? He's the Master of None!"