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The Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iPhone

Dan Price 22-03-2019

Did you know it’s possible to control your TV using your smartphone? All you need is one of these TV remote apps for your Android or iPhone.


TV remote apps will not necessarily work with all televisions. However, as long as you choose the best remote control app for your needs, you’ll be able to operate your TV, smart home devices, set-top boxes, and more.

1. Android TV Remote Control

The Android TV Remote Control app is an official Google product. You can use it to control any Android TV device that’s on the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone.

If your Android TV device uses a wired ethernet connection (which is often recommended for smoother video playback), you can also connect using Bluetooth if your Android TV box supports it.

The remote app offers both D-pad and touchpad controls. You can search with your voice by tapping on the microphone icon (again, assuming your Android TV box supports voice search).


The Android TV Remote Control app works with all Android TV boxes, regardless of the manufacturer.

Download: Android TV Remote Control for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Amazon Fire TV Remote

If you only want a remote app for your Amazon Fire TV device, you should check out the official app.


Like the Android TV remote app, it can control the device using a combination of touchpad and voice controls. Additionally, there’s a handy text entry tool; it will save you from painstakingly typing every web address or YouTube search query using the Fire TV’s on-screen keyboard.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app displays all your Fire TV apps in a single list for quick launching.

If you have multiple Fire TV devices in your household, don’t worry. The remote app makes it easy to jump between the different units.

Download: Amazon Fire TV Remote for Android | iOS


3. RCA Universal Remote

The two TV remote apps we have looked at so far both focus on controlling a specific device. But what if you want a remote control app that can manage multiple devices?

In that case, you should check out the RCA Universal Remote on Android. It will work with your TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, and several streaming devices.

Be warned that the setup process can take some time; you may need to cycle through many different RCA TV types before you find one that works.


Download: RCA Universal Remote for Android [No Longer Available] (Free)

4. Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control

The Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control is one of the best universal remote apps. It has a long list of supported devices.

You can use the app to control your TV, cable or satellite box, DVD player, and streaming boxes. Apple TV is supported, meaning the app is one of the best ways to control Apple TV from an Android device.

And unlike the other apps we have discussed so far, this remote app also supports many of your home appliances, including your air conditioning and central heating units.

Some of the app’s features include a smart lock screen (that displays breaking news, the weather, horoscopes, and so on), a list of recently watched channels for easy browsing, and reminders for upcoming shows that you want to watch.

Download: Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control for Android[No Longer Available] | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote is the official Apple TV remote app for your iPhone. It also lets you control your Apple TV from an iPad.

Like the Android TV remote app and the Fire TV remote app, you can use touch gestures and enter text using your iPhone’s keyboard.

Other useful features include support for Siri, on-screen song lyrics when you’re listening to music, and even a Game Mode that provides simplified controls for when you’re gaming rather than watching video content.

Interestingly, the app is compatible with an iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope; the data collected by the hardware can be fed into Apple TV games and other apps.

Download: Apple TV Remote for iOS (Free)

6. AnyMote Smart IR Remote

If your hardware supports an infrared (IR) blaster, this is probably the best TV remote app available on Android.

For starters, it’s highly configurable. You can decide what function every swipe, tap, and gesture represents. AnyMote also supports macros; with a single tap, you could dim your lights, set your TV to the right input channel, and turn on your surround sound. It’s perfect for a movie night or an important sports game.

Additionally, there’s support for widgets (so your most-used commands are never more than a tap away), automated tasks (for example, automatically pausing the video if your phone rings), and even a floating remote “chathead”.

Download: AnyMote Smart IR Remote for Android ($6.99)

7. Unified TV

Unified TV is another well-known name in the world of TV remote apps.

Like the Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control, Unified TV supports a vast number of devices and manufacturers. Supported gadgets include TVs from all the leading brands, cable boxes, and satellite boxes.

The app also works with some game consoles (including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and streaming devices such as Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and Roku. It’ll even work with projectors from BenQ, Canon, Dell, Epson, InFocus, Sanyo, and Sony.

Aside from the number of devices that the app supports, some of the key features are widget support, NFC support, and integration with Flic and Tasker.

Unified TV relies on an IR blaster to work, so you either need a mobile device with IR capabilities or a network-attached IR receiver.

Download: Unified TV for Android | iOS ($0.99)

Which Is the Best TV Remote App?

It’s difficult to choose one TV remote app. If you only want to control one device, then the Android TV remote, Fire TV remote, or Apple TV remote may suffice. If you’re looking for more functionality, choose an app that works on your specific hardware.

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