TV News Archive: Learn More About Topics By Searching TV News Broadcasts

MOin 25-09-2012

Television news is an immense source of current information. While researching a current topic, being able to search through television news can be greatly advantageous. Here to provide you with this feature is a web service called TV News Archive.


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TV News Archive is a free to use web service and as its name suggests, it is an archive for television news. You can search through these videos by typing in a query, and optionally mentioning what additional words the news should be relevant or not relevant to. You can also optionally specify the network, station, program title, language of news, and the date period from within which the news was broadcasted.

Your results are quickly populated and you are able to stream the news online. For a fee, you can borrow the news broadcast video from their original websites to use in your own projects.

tv news archive



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