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Christian Cawley 01-05-2013

morpho app reviewPhotos are fun – the rise of successful snap-and-filter apps and services such as Instagram and its “fake Polaroid junkies How To Spot An Instagram Junkie [INFOGRAPHIC] Soon after getting my long-awaited iPhone a couple of months back, I immediately started using Instagram, on the advice of a friend. It's a great app to use but I wouldn't say I am addicted.... Read More ” are proof of this – but sometimes it’s possible that we don’t fully realise the potential of the images we snap, particularly on digital cameras and smartphones.


I stumbled across Morfo back in 2010, shortly after the release of Windows Phone 7, and was soon compelled to upgrade from the free trial version because it was giving everyone so much fun. The easy point-and-snap action of taking a photo is subverted by some hilarious (and at times disturbing!) enhancements to the subject that you can’t help but love playing with this app.

There might be plenty of “decorative” photo manipulation apps across most mobile platforms, but this is the only I’ve found that does one thing well and focuses on it rather than allowing the user (and the developers) become distracted with additional bells and whistles.

What Does Morfo Do, Exactly?

This fun app doesn’t change the world or make life easier in any discernible way, but it certainly raises spirits. I don’t usually enjoy trivial apps but I’ve had so much fun with this, taking photos of my wife and nieces (and more recently my own children) and turning them into monstrous digital apparitions that it is hard not to recommend Morfo.

morpho app review

With the ability to add makeup, “fatten” the image and even record sounds and have the animated head rock out to music saved to your phone, Morfo is bizarre fun that is best shared with your friends and family in close quarters.


Morfo Is Easy To Use

Creating a “head” is easy, requiring either a fresh photo form your camera or an image saved to your gallery. After the image has been imported – achieved using some simple finger pinching and dragging – you can begin to play around with the head.

morpho app

Along with the Menu option in the top-left corner (which sends you back to the opening screen where existing, new and pre-selected heads can be manipulated), there are a selection of buttons at the foot of the display.

Record enables you to add a voice to the head, and this can be altered with the Pitch button which will subsequently appear. Fat increases the width of the face while Makeup adds some improbably decorations such as a clown face or a beard. The Rock button initiates some impressive headbanging accompanied with a bit of heavy guitar, while Music selects a track at random from your MP3 library with a similar effect.


One gripe is the lack of any Metro/Modern UI elements, but this can be overlooked as it is such a fun app!

Turning a Baby Into a Monster

For this brief walkthrough I’m going to take a photo of my daughter and use Morfo to turn her into a sort of mannequin, a head that can be decorated and manipulated in various amusing ways.

morpho app

The first step is to select the Create a New Face option (use the Menu in the top left to open this if necessary) and browse your photo gallery for a suitable portrait image. If none is available, you can load your camera and use this to snap a new one – front and back cameras are supported. For more on managing and taking photos, see our Windows Phone: Complete Guide.


As you can see, I’ve chosen a photo of my daughter. The image doesn’t perfectly line up, but there is enough scope in the app to use photos that are slightly “out”.

morpho app review

With the photo selected, it is time to size and position the head, eyes, nose and mouth. This is done by dragging, squeezing and stretching the overlaid facial features into position to that they match as closely as possible. Click Done to complete this stage, and the image will be loaded into the main Morfo interface.

It is here that you can begin playing around, adding makeup and voices as described above. You can also edit the face via the menu if you decide you need better positioning of the features, and save screenshots to share with friends – useful if they’re the subject!



You will find Morfo available on the Windows Phone Store with a free trial option and a full price of $1.99 (£1.49). Morfo can be found in the “Photos and Images” tools in our guide to The Best Windows Phone Apps.

As you can see from the images above, this is an unusual app, one that doesn’t rely on the Windows Phone Metro/Modern user interface but nevertheless remains easy to use and a lot of fun.

It’s a simple choice whether you should install it or not – if you believe you can get some good fun from it, then try it out. Very much a social app, the sharing feature comes in useful, but Morfo is best used within a group situation for the most fun.

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