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NuCaptcha.pngOne of the most annoying steps when signing up for a new service or website has to be filling out the captcha to prove you’re not a spambot. Sometimes the images are so garbled, it’s impossible to figure out what letters you’re expected to enter.

The Canadian based company, NuCaptcha aims to do something about that. Instead of cryptic images, they’ve taken captcha security to a new level, by using videos.

This opens up a whole slew of possibilities on how the captcha can be used – one of which is a new advertising resource for websites to bring in revenue, and for advertisers to get their message out. After all, it seems like one of the easiest ways to find a captive audience.

With the Basic Package, users have no control over the exact video that will be played. That said Basic features include a choice of themes, such as environment, sports or abstract themes, and up to 25,000 NuCaptchas per month.

Upgrading to the paid Engage Package will give users complete control over the ads, Captcha copy and formats. According to NuCaptcha, where most services make you choose between security and revenue – they give you both. No mention is made on the site, however, of how much you have to pay to get in on the service.

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So how does it work? NuCaptcha is a video stream, and not a flash program. As they point out on their website, it would not be secure to create a Captcha in Flash. With HTML5 and mobile support, the system works on mobile phones, on the four browsers, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, and on tablets.

With NuCaptcha’s video based security system, the Captchas are easier to decipher, and more secure – so in the end – everyone wins.  What do you think?

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  1. Neha Joshi
    January 3, 2017 at 7:24 am

    It's awesome. You added cool sites in my wisdom treasure of knowledge :) especially the harvard business review where you screenshot their google - govt. post :)
    I am also following the IndiaBizCLub.com/blog

  2. Malik dindar
    October 28, 2010 at 11:53 am

    great concept. I wonder how many sites using this already. any stats?