TuneCrawl: Quickly Find & Stream Music From Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud

There are many ways you can listen to music online with countless music services and apps out there for different types of users, both free and paid. The paid ones require registration and your credit card, the free ones 6 Online Music Streaming Services With NO Restrictions Finding a completely unlimited music listening experience can be a challenge. So, if you want complete control over your listening experience, check out these six completely free options... Read More usually pester you with annoying banners, so they are difficult to use. If you feel hopeless trying to find one service where you could simply go and listen to the music with a single click, check out TuneCrawl. TuneCrawl is a super fast, hassle-free and easy-to-use music service that lets you listen to music from 3 popular music streaming services – Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Simply go to their website and start typing the name of a song or an artist into the search field. As soon as you start typing you will be getting instant results from all 3 streaming services simultaneously. If any of the results matches what you are looking for, click the blue play button to instantly play the song. It can’t get any simpler than this. You start typing and click to play. No registration, no need to enter captcha codes and no annoying ads.

To hide the player, click the Show/Hide Player at the bottom. For every song  there are Twitter and Facebook share buttons, and an Amazon buy link (if you want to legally own the song).

stream music from spotify



  • Stream music instantly from Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Super fast, hassle-free.
  • Instant search results from 3 services simultaneously.
  • No registration, no ads, no captcha codes.
  • Related tools – Tubufy, Tunerec.

Check out TuneCrawl @ www.tunecrawl.com

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