6 Fascinating Tumblr Blogs For History Buffs

Nancy Messieh 08-05-2013

tumblr history blogsAre you a fan of Tumblr? The blogging platform is a combination of a blogging service infused with social networking, and is home to the most creative, humorous and thoughtful posts. With a simple backend that lends itself to creating and sharing fresh content that you like, it is home to some of the most viral content online.


Because of the sheer amount of content on Tumblr, sometimes you really do have to filter through a lot of similar content to find the gems. For that reason, we’ve put together lists of recommended Tumblr history blogs that we think you should be following.

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This Day In History

tumblr history blogs

What better place to start with Tumblr history blogs than with PBS’ This Day in History. In their own words, the blog is described as:

“Remembering world events that happened on this day with PBS videos, articles, photos, and interactive games.”

Turning an eye to world events, This Day in History is a great way to get a daily history lesson delivered to your screen via Tumblr. With everything in their recent posts from George Washington becoming the first US president to the Chernobyl nuclear explosion – the blog covers all eras and continents to bring you a well-rounded daily history lesson.


Cool Chicks From History

history blogs on tumblr

Cool Chicks from History is a must-follow for all history buffs and fans of empowered women. Another blog that spans the continents and eras, featured women include well known names like Hillary Clinton and Amelia Earhart, to lesser known women who have made a difference in women’s rights through the ages.

Historical Nonfiction

history blogs on tumblr

In their own words, Historical Nonfiction features:


Fun facts, quotes and pictures from history

With at least 2 new posts a day, the blog is a fascinating journey through obscure moments in history that you might not otherwise think of looking up. For example, an interesting fact you would come across browsing the blog is that, “Black beans were known as aphrodisiacs. So much so that St. Jerome forbade nuns to eat them in 400 A.D., for fear that the beans would lure them into breaking their vows of chastity.”

The Cartography Collective

history blogs on tumblr

If you’re the kind of history buff that’s obsessed with maps, then this is a must-follow for you. The Cartography Collective. In her own words, Susanna Cole-King describes the blog:

The Cartography Collective began with a habit of saving the beautiful maps I found traipsing about the web, to a folder on my computer. Eventually, this folder became hearty and fat, stuffed full of maps, and I thought it’d be lovely to have them displayed via a blog, and thus, in February 2011, The Cartography Collective (originally just Cartography, a rather bland, but to the point, name) was born.

With maps from the 14th to the 21st centuries, from all over the world, the Cartography Collective is an amazing resource for all things map-related. You can spend hours going through the archives, since sadly, the blog will no longer be updated on a regular basis.


Classical Archaeology News

history on tumblr

If you’re more interested in ancient history, with a modern twist, Classical Archaeology  News is a great place to start. For the most part, the blog takes a look at recent findings that relate to ancient history – whether Roman, Greek, Egyptian or more. In her own words, Francesaca Tronchin describes her blog as:

A log of news items about archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean – Egypt, the Aegean, Greece, Rome.

Black History Is American History

tumblr history blogs

Black History is an incredible resource, and a beautifully designed blog at that too. It catalogs men and women of note from the African American community, with everyone from actor and comedian Bill Cosby to the “Black Godfather of Silicon Valley,” Roy Clay Sr. The blog is a fascinating introduction or (re-introduction) to personalities that have made a significant difference in their respective fields.


In their own words, the site is:

“curating the names of influential Black Americans, past & present, and giving them the recognition they deserve.”

If you want to know more about the motivation behind the blog, check out the interview with the blog owner, Alex Pierce, here.

Which Tumblr blogs would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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