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You Can Now Try Destiny 2 for Free

Dave Parrack 29-11-2017

Bungie has released a free trial version of Destiny 2. The idea is to hook people who haven’t yet played the game in, as they’re then more likely to buy the full version. Unfortunately for Bungie the Destiny 2 community is revolting right now, so new players are rapidly becoming a necessity.


The original Destiny game launched to middling reviews, but gradually became a solid shooter with a loyal community. Earlier this year Destiny 2 arrived on the scene, and was immediately hailed an improvement over its predecessor. And now you can play (some of) Destiny 2 completely for free.

Playing the Destiny 2 Free Trial

The Destiny 2 free trial lets you play in two of the game’s locations: the European Dead Zone (EDZ) and Titan, the moon of Saturn. You’ll be able to explore these worlds, play campaign missions, and partake in competitive multiplayer. You can also try joining a clan.

This being a free trial means you can only play until your character reaches level 7 (out of 20). However, if you then buy the full game your progress will be carried over. The Destiny 2 free trial is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so just follow the links from the Bungie website [No Longer Available].

The Destiny 2 Community Is Revolting

The Destiny 2 free trial comes at an interesting time for the game.

On the one hand Bungie is trying to ramp up interest ahead of the release of Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2‘s first expansion, on December 5th. Curse of Osiris obviously won’t be free, but will add a new storyline, new missions, new modes, new maps, new weapons, and an increased level cap.


However, Bungie is also battling complaints from the existing Destiny 2 community about the amount of experience needed to level up. Because, as the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 backlash demonstrated, gamers are sick of being encouraged to spend money on microtransactions. And are fighting back.

Free Trials Are Better Than Microtransactions

Having not particularly enjoyed the first game I haven’t yet picked up a copy of Destiny 2. But I will play the free trial because, well, it’s free. More and more games are offering free trials in order to entice you in, and I’m perfectly happy with this development. Unlike microtransactions.

Do you already own a copy of Destiny 2? What do you think of the game in its current state? If you don’t already own Destiny 2, are you likely to give the free trial a go? Are free trials the way forward for multiplayer games like Destiny 2? Please let us know in the comments below!

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