TrustedHouseSitters: Find Reliable People To Look After Your Pets & House While You Are Away

Are you going away on holiday? If yes, then you are definitely going to need somebody to take care of your house while you are away. Whether you are looking for somebody to take care of your home or your pets, you will find a site called TrustedHouseSitters to be very useful.

looking after your pets while you are away

TrustedHouseSitters is a free to use web service where you can easily find people to sit your house and / or your pets. There are very few reliable sources through which you can get somebody to take care of your house or pets. Needless to say, for either purpose you need somebody who has a positive track record and someone about whom you know a lot. What this website does is that it lets housesitters and pet sitters provide detailed information about themselves which makes others comfortable enough to hire them.

For example, to hire somebody you can browse through the available profiles and read through each candidate’s description. These descriptions include their name, an introduction, their age, their location, reference scores, police checks, photos, videos, and possible charges. Similarly, to provide the maximum information possible, people who are looking to hire can provide details of their house or pets that you want taken care of while they are busy.


Perhaps one of the best things about this website is that you are able to find many housesitters and pet sitters that will do the job for you for free, simply because they like the activity. And by reading their profile and getting to know them, you can rest assured that your house and pet are taken well care of.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you find housesitters and pet sitters.
  • Provides detailed information of people you can hire.
  • Lets you put up your own listings as well.

Check out TrustedHouseSitters @ [No Longer Available]

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