Trulia Crime Maps: Find Out Crime Rates In Your Area On An Interactive Map

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If you want to move to a certain area but would like to check and compare its crime rate to your area or other nearby areas, now you can with Trulia’s Crime Maps. It is an interactive online map application that lets you view crime rates by state, county, city and even postal code. Crime rates are shown as black circles with the number of recent crimes written in each circle. The bigger the circle, the higher the crime rate.

You can zoom in to see crime numbers in specific neightbourhoods and view street intersections with the most crimes. Click on a crime circle to see more detailed information – types of crimes committed (theft, assault, robbery etc), recent crime history and exact crime locations.

The black circles show the recent crimes (last 10 days), whereas the heatmap shows the long term crime trends of the area indicating incidents per block per year.

find out crime rates in your area


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