Having Trouble Installing OS X Lion? Thumb Drives Bring New Hope [News]

Matt Smith 06-08-2011

Having Trouble Installing OS X Lion? Thumb Drives Bring New Hope [News] appleinstall1Apple’s decision to release OS X Lion 10 Tips For Taming OS X Lion The user interface changes of Apple's new operating system, Lion, are obvious to experienced Mac users. But some of the changes might have you scratching your head. If you're a veteran Mac user, you probably... Read More exclusively through the Mac App Store was bound to cause a few problems, and indeed it has. According to an internal memo sent to Cupertino’s customer support, those unlucky users who’ve hit a snag can now find a savior in the form of a USB drive 5 Apps to Check the Speed of Your USB Flash Drive in Windows USB flash drives are not all made equal. Even flash drives of the same type can differ significantly in read and write speeds. Use these tools to benchmark your USB flash drives. Read More .


The official price of a drive is $69, but with the proper wink-and-nod it’s possible to obtain one for free, assuming that the leaked memo contains AppleCare’s final thoughts on the subject. Failure of Lion’s built in recovery tools is the key point.  If those don’t manage to solve the issue, tier 2 customer service will be able to issue a free USB drive at a representative’s discretion. In other words – be nice.

Having Trouble Installing OS X Lion? Thumb Drives Bring New Hope [News] Screen Shot 2011 08 04 at 11

Leaked information indicates that the drive won’t contain a full Lion install, but rather a recovery partition. An Internet connection will be required to at least verify the installation’s authenticity, and perhaps download missing pieces.

No one has reported receiving a drive yet, which isn’t surprising given that the leaked memo is dated August 2nd.  The drives will have to be in the hands of customers before the contents can be verified, but this at least offers hope for those struggling with their Lion installation.

Source: 9to5Mac


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