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5 Trivia-Filled YouTube Channels Full of Fun Facts

Ben Stegner 05-04-2019

Do you love trivia? Some people get a thrill out of knowing the answers questions covering all kinds of topics. And if that description fits you to a tee, you’ve come to the right place.

This article rounds up some of the best trivia-filled YouTube channels full of interesting facts. And you can learn something new whether just for fun or as preparation for your next trivia night.

1. The Trivia Channel

This aptly named channel is a simple delight for trivia fans. It regularly uploads videos containing 15 trivia questions each. Most of these are in the “general knowledge” category (up to 64 as of this writing) but you’ll find a few on movies, health, food, and other topics as well.

Each video is presented as a simple slideshow. You’ll have several seconds to choose from three possible answers for each question. After the answer is revealed, you’ll see a brief explanation of the answer. With each video clocking in around six minutes, this is the perfect way to start your morning.

The newest general knowledge video at the time of writing contains questions on Euchre, the flag of Chad, Men in Black, and more. See how much you know!

For something a little more focused, check out this trivia challenge that focuses specifically on animals. You’ll be asked how many stomachs a cow has, which continent has the most rabbits, and which type of shark is most dangerous.

By the way, for trivia on the go, we’ve looked at alternatives to HQ Trivia 5 HQ Trivia Alternative Apps and Fan Sites to Play Quiz (and Even Win Cash) Here are the best sites to know more about HQ Trivia, as well as a few alternatives. Read More for testing your knowledge while you’re out and about.

2. Tech Geeks Try Stuff

MakeUseOf’s own Tech Geeks Try Stuff channel is a great place to test your tech trivia knowledge. We’ve uploaded a few videos putting our authors’ tech knowledge to the test, and plan to make more videos like this in the future.

TGTS Season 2 kicked off with a mega-episode of tech trivia. In it, our writers, James, Ben, Tina, Dave, and Joel square off by answering five questions each. Who will get the most right? Don’t forget to play along and record your score.

Later in Season 2, everyone was challenged to a second round of tech trivia. This time, an incorrect answer being penalized with a forkful of fire noodles! Feel free to play along with this one too—you might even want to create your own penalty for an incorrect answer.

3. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a treasure trove of information about every topic imaginable. You’ll find videos debunking myths, words that changed meanings, facts about famous landmarks, and much more.

The chances are that you’ll find a video on every topic you’re interested in and plenty more that will catch your eye. Many of its videos feature John Green, noted novelist and YouTube personality.

The channel’s latest video at the time of writing looks at all sorts of myths about animals that simply aren’t true. How many of these misconceptions do you believe?

Make sure to dig into the archives of Mental Floss, because it has a lot of old trivia-filled videos worth watching. This one looks at some fun facts about national parks in the U.S.

4. DidYouKnowGaming?

If you can’t get enough facts about video games, DidYouKnowGaming (DYKG) is the channel for you. Here you’ll find fact-filled videos about particular series, video game consoles, developers, and more. Even cooler, the videos are narrated by a variety of gaming YouTubers.

DYKG has been around for years, so you can dig through the sizeable archives. Keep an eye out for videos about region-specific titles, game that never saw the light of day, and gaming censorship. You’ll be amazed how much information you can learn about your favorite games.

The SNES is the favorite classic console of many. Find out more about some of its games in this interesting video.

Since the PS4 has recently received remakes of classic series like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, many have a renewed interest in these franchises. So why not take a look at this video for some fun facts about Crash Team Racing.

5. FunnyFriQuiz

We wrap up with another fun general trivia channel. This one features regular videos with trivia questions about music, movies, TV shows, and a few miscellaneous topics like logos and country flags.

Some videos present you with three possible answers to a question and reveal the correct response after a few seconds. Others ask you to identify objects by their silhouettes. Every video offers something a little different, so be sure to give many of them a try.

Many famous people throughout history weren’t actually known by their real names. Do you know who Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, David Robert Jones, and Eric Arthur Blair are? It’s time to find out.

For a different kind of challenge, in this video you’re charged with identifying well-known cartoon characters by their silhouettes alone. It’s a lot harder than you might think.

Test Your Knowledge Further

These channels will provide you with hundreds of new facts. You can use them to impress others, win your next trivia showdown, or just enjoy knowing a little bit more about your favorite topics.

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