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7 Trendy Free Mobile Games That Beat Angry Birds

Christine Chan 09-01-2018

Back in 2009, Angry Birds took the world by storm. It starred a vengeful clan of birds who got angry at some green pigs for stealing their eggs. The game utilized slingshot physics that were revolutionary at the time, and it was a blast to watch the structures collapse.


There’s been an Angry Birds game every year since the original release, including some spin-off titles. But after almost a decade, it’s time for something new.

While you have a ton of options for mobile gaming entertainment, including games that require no Wi-Fi 20 Best Offline Games on Android That Don't Need Internet These best offline games for Android are from all genres, including strategy, puzzle, racing, and more. No internet required. Read More , it can be hard to find something great. We’ve handpicked a few fantastic and mostly free games that you should try if you’re an Angry Birds or casual game fan seeking a change.

1. Dune!

Dune! trending, popular mobile games

In search of a quick-fix game 17 Fast, Fun, and Free Mobile Games for a Quick Fix Sometimes you just need a game to kill five minutes. These great mobile games let you have fun in short bursts. Read More that you can pick up and play and put down just as fast? Then Dune! could be a good match for you.

Dune! is an infinite arcade game that’s all about smooth sailings and landings. The goal is to get the ball as far as you can while also staying above the line to score points. The higher you go above the line, the more points you earn.


However, what goes up must come down. The higher you go, the harder the landing becomes, especially if you go “over the moon.” You’ll want to time your landings so that they’re even and end up on downward slopes, which helps the ball gain momentum. If you’re skilled enough to land consecutive smooth landings, then you activate a combo and the scenery changes slightly.

Dune! trending, popular mobile games

The one-touch controls 5 Mobile Games With Phenomenal Touchscreen Controls Games on Android and iOS deserve touchscreen controls made for a touchscreen -- not ported from a gamepad. These five games use the touchscreen to its fullest. Read More in Dune! are also incredibly easy to pick up. To get the ball going, just touch and hold the screen. When you need to get some air, just release the screen. Once you’re hanging in the air, touch and hold again to dive.

Dune! is an addictive little game to play whenever you have a moment to spare. This is because the controls are super easy to pick up, and feel natural. You’ll also know you can do better on the next run, so it’s an infinite cycle of trying to best yourself. You can also unlock various skins and landscapes after meeting certain thresholds, allowing you to customize the game to your liking.


Download: Dune! on iOS | Android (Free)

2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo’s latest mobile release is a community-based simulation game that’s filled with cute animals. That’s right, we’re talking about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Pocket Camp has you, the player, becoming a campsite manager, and you can design the campgrounds as you see fit. As you craft amenities like tents and other cool activities for various themes, you’ll find a wide variety of animal friends that come and go on different sections of the map.

They’ll have requests for you to fulfill, and completing these tasks, as well as chatting with them, raises your friendship levels. Once they reach a certain level, and you have the right pieces of furniture in your collection, they’re able to become a permanent camper at your campsite.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp trending, popular mobile games

The requests are simply gifting them certain items, which you can find in four different areas on the map. You collect resources through simple taps, and it’s intuitive enough that you can play with one hand. When you have too many items, list some items for sale in the Market Box or just sell directly for instant Bells (AC‘s currency).

Though most of Pocket Camp is acting as the errand-running friend for adorable animals, the best part about the game is customizing your campsite and motor home. You unlock many new furniture items to craft as you level up, and rotating vendors in the Market Place sell clothes, shoes, and other knickknacks.

Pocket Camp is a simulation game that is perfect for picking up when you have a few moments to spare. It’s also incredibly relaxing. Check out our comprehensive tips and tricks guide for Pocket Camp to help you get started.


Download: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Puzzledom

When you’re not in the mood for an arcade game, perhaps puzzles are more your forte 20 Cool Puzzle Games You Can Play Free in Your Browser Browser-based games are perfect for a quick casual game. Pick one from these quick puzzle games to stimulate your brain. Read More . And if you want a lot of puzzles in one place, then there’s no better option than Puzzledom.

With Puzzledom, you get some of the best logic puzzles in one app: Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball, and Escape. With these four different kinds of logic puzzles at your fingertips, there’s an endless variety of puzzles to choose from and solve when you have some time. In total, there are over 8,000 free levels, so you’re definitely getting a ton of content 7 Free Mobile Games That Offer Tons of Content If you're looking for free mobile games that offer a lot of content, here are some of the best. Read More .

Connect is a simple game about connecting like-colored dots. However, while you must fill all spaces, you can’t have the lines crossing over each other. That’s where the logic and trickiness come in — you’ll need to use your head and figure out the right sequence.

Puzzledom trending, popular mobile games

Blocks has players filling up the board with differently-shaped blocks. While it sounds easy, you must make sure that the blocks go into their appropriate places, as there’s only a certain set of blocks you get for each puzzle.

Rolling Ball is more of a path-guiding game. It’s your job to slide the blocks around on the board to create a channel for a ball. That way, it can move from the starting point to the end point. Escape is straightforward enough: get the red block to the exit by moving the other blocks out of the way.

While these are just some of the basic logic puzzles that you’ll find in Puzzledom, there are many more available, with new ones coming in updates. You can unlock more puzzle types by playing enough, or using the coins to unlock them early. The controls are natural for touch screens and the minimalist graphics are visually appealing.

If you’re a big puzzle fan, then Puzzledom is definitely one that’s hard to put down once you start. The puzzles range in difficulty from crazy simple to devilishly complex. There’s something in here to satisfy anyone who wants to tickle their brain.

Download: Puzzledom on iOS | Android (Free)

4. Dunk Shot

Think you’re the next basketball hotshot? Then it’s time to prove it in Dunk Shot.

With Dunk Shot, players grab a ball and start shooting it into the hoops that magically appear. You only get one ball per game, and the goal is to get as many points as you can until you miss and the ball falls down with no way to recover it.

When you make a shot, you earn points based on how clean the shot was. So if it was nothing but net, then you get two points. If it bounced off the rim, you get one point. When you start getting a few perfect shots in a row, you initiate a combo, and the point multiplier increases as long as you’re on your hot streak.

Your task starts out easy in Dunk Shot, but then you’ll encounter moving hoops, stars and other objects to acquire, and walls to bank off. It becomes harder to make your shot, but it’s so satisfying when you do.

Dunk Shot trending, popular mobile games

The game also has one-touch controls reminiscent of Angry Birds‘s slingshot physics, where you drag to aim and release to fire. That means that this game is accessible to anyone, and it’s hard to put down, as you’ll always want to beat your previous record.

To keep you coming back for more, Dunk Shot also has basketballs and themes of all varieties to discover and unlock by completing objectives. There’s also a Challenge Mode with various objectives that test your skills, as well as unlock special balls once complete.

Even if you’re not a basketball fan, Dunk Shot is a lot of fun with its challenging physics-based arcade fun. We also have you covered if you’re looking for more serious sports management-style games.

Download: Dunk Shot on iOS | Android (Free)

5. Block! Hexa Puzzle

If you can’t get enough of the Blocks game in Puzzledom, then Block! Hexa Puzzle makes a nice addition.

In Block! Hexa Puzzle, players find a colorful and shiny puzzle that’s reminiscent of Tetris. The game contains over 300 levels of pure puzzle goodness, and each stage features a different grid layout. Your job? Fit all of the given block pieces into the board. Of course, this is easier said than done.

The tricky part about these block puzzles is that you cannot rotate the blocks themselves. So you have to work with what you have and figure out the right spots that each one goes into. Since there are no time limits, Block! Hexa Puzzle is fairly relaxing, and you can play at your own pace.

Block! Hexa Puzzle trending, popular mobile games

Even though the puzzles seem elementary, they get trickier as you proceed. Sometimes you get extra pieces that aren’t necessary, and other times you’ll have to rearrange the pieces until the they all fit. These will surely make your brain kick into overdrive.

Block! Hexa Puzzle will appeal to anyone who likes logical puzzles with simple and intuitive drag-and-drop controls. The visuals are bright and fun, and the puzzles can be quite tricky. Plus, with hundreds of levels for free, you can enjoy some entertainment in short bursts throughout the day.

Download: Block! Hexa Puzzle on iOS | Android (Free)

6. Bowmasters

If Angry Birds was your forte because of slingshot physics and destruction, then Bowmasters could be the next best choice.

With Bowmasters, players engage in one-on-one duels against the computer or other players. Think of Bowmasters as a fighting game, except instead of being up close and personal with each other, you’re shooting ranged weapons at each other from afar. It’s also turn-based, with both players take turns trying to hit each other with their ranged weapons.

Bowmasters uses the tried-and-true slingshot controls, just like in Angry Birds. Just pull back on your chosen character, aim, and release to shoot. The controls in Bowmasters are intuitive, and it even shows you the power and angle of your shots. Of course, with the different environments the duels take place in, you’ll have to do a bit of guessing to find the right angle to hit your mark.

Bowmasters trending, popular mobile games

There are several game modes in Bowmasters. However, you’ll have to unlock anything other than “Vs. Computer” by getting a number of wins under your belt. You earn coins by taking precise shots in duels and gaining victories.

You spend the coins to unlock new characters, and there’s a huge roster to choose from. These characters aren’t just cosmetic either, as they all have unique weapons with special abilities. For example, the card gambler’s cards can explode with a tap, the gamer girl’s game controller electrifies for extra damage, and more.

Due to the simple game mechanic, rag doll physics, and cartoonish violence, Bowmasters is an incredibly fun game that can be hard to put down. Plus, the “Finish him!” that pops up when you’ve KO’d an opponent is hilarious. If you liked Angry Birds, then this is a good replacement without straying too far from the formula.

Download: Bowmasters on iOS | Android (Free)

7. Dancing Line

Feeling a bit groovy and want a game that combines a rhythm game with a test of reflexes? Then Dancing Line is the game for you.

In Dancing Line, the goal is to guide an ever-growing line through a variety of environments. While that sounds easy, obstacles and other hazards pop up along the way, and you’ll need to tap to avoid them. On top of that, Dancing Line‘s primary focus is the music behind each scene, which is engaging enough to cause you to try to tap in rhythm to the beat.

Though Dancing Line looks like a simple, one-touch game, there’s more to it than what’s on the surface. All the unique environments on each level are supposed to evoke different emotions from the player as they see the colors and hear the music, causing them to play in-sync with the tunes. It sounds a bit cliché, but the game’s original music is definitely captivating and engaging.

Dancing Line trending, popular mobile games

As it’s still a game of reflexes, you’ll have to be quick on your toes to avoid the upcoming obstacles and traps that await you. Fortunately, the game’s one-tap controls make that an easy feat, and soon enough, you should find yourself getting better and better at the game. The music is also top-notch, and the only way to listen to it is to get better and play it, really, so there’s motivation to keep coming back.

Dancing Line is one of those perfect games to play in short bursts, because it’s easy to pick up and play, and put down when you need to. Plus, with such a good soundtrack, you’ll always want to come back and beat your own high score. The sense of accomplishment is great with games like this.

Download: Dancing Line on iOS | Android (Free)

What Are Your Favorite Trendy Mobile Games?

Angry Birds definitely had its time in the spotlight for several years, but its following has died down significantly after a plethora of popular mobile games and even a movie. There are many other great mobile games 12 Great Mobile Games You Can Play in Your Browser If you want to play games on your mobile device but don't have room to install them, try these awesome titles you can play right from your browser. Read More to consider if you’re looking to replace it, but these are some of the better, trendier options.

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