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The Trello Cheat Sheet: Search, Navigation, and Markdown Essentials

Akshata Shanbhag 17-12-2019

Trello makes a fantastic Kanban-style digital organizer. You can use its intuitive features to maintain a shopping list, plan an event, monitor your job hunt, and to manage various other kinds of projects.


Once you start using Trello to track all the bits and pieces of your life, it’s a great idea to become familiar with Trello shortcuts to save yourself time. But given that there are so many shortcuts, it’s easy to miss quite a few of them, even crucial ones, or forget about them altogether.

That’s why we’ve come up with this cheat sheet. It lists various keyboard shortcuts, search operators, bookmarks, and Markdown elements that work in Trello. Dip into the cheat sheet anytime to discover or relearn a Trello trick or two!

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The Trello Cheat Sheet: Search, Navigation, and Markdown Essentials

Keyboard Shortcuts
Before pressing card-specific keyboard shortcuts, hover over card to select it.
Left ArrowSelect card on left
Right ArrowSelect card on right
Up ArrowSelect card above
Down ArrowSelect card below
kSelect card above
jSelect card below
EnterOpen card
EscClose card
¹nOpen popover dialog to insert new card
@ (Shift + 2)Select member(s) from autocomplete list while creating card
# (Shift + 3)Select label(s) from autocomplete list while creating card
^ (Shift + 6)Select list name or position from autocomplete list while creating card
^topSend card to top of list while creating card
^bottomSend card to bottom of list while creating card
Shift + EnterOpen card immediately after creating it
eEnter quick-edit mode for card
lOpen Labels popover menu for card
1Green label
2Yellow label
3Orange label
4Red label
5Purple label
6Blue label
; (Semicolon)Toggle visibility of label names on all boards
, (Comma)Move card to bottom of list on left
. (Period)Move card to bottom of list on right
Move card to top of list on left
> (Shift + Period)Move card to top of list on right
aOpen Members popover menu for card
mOpen Members popover menu for card
SpaceAdd yourself to (or remove yourself from) card
dOpen due date picker for card
cArchive card
qView cards assigned to you on board
tEdit card title (rename card)
sWatch/unwatch card
vAdd your vote to (or remove your vote from) card when Voting Power-Up is enabled
²Ctrl + xCopy card link, OR
Copy card to move
²Ctrl + cCopy card link, OR
Copy card to clone
²Ctrl + vPaste card link, OR
Paste card to list on any board to move or clone it
xClear all active card filters
bOpen Boards menu (header menu with list of boards)
wToggle board menu (flyout sidebar menu)
fFocus Search Cards box (card filter menu) in sidebar
³EscClose menu or cancel editing
? (Shift + Forward Slash)Open Shortcuts page
Search Operators
Search filters return matching cards across all boards. (For board-specific searches, card filtering also works.)
/Bring search box into focus
member:PersonCards assigned to Person
@PersonCards assigned to Person
@meCards assigned to you
label:Label_NameCards with label Label_Name
label:Label_ColorCards with label Label_Color
board:Board_NameCards on board Board_Name
list:List_NameCards in list List_Name on any board
name:keyword(s)Cards with keyword(s) in name
description:keyword(s)Cards with keyword(s) in description
checklist:keyword(s)Cards with keyword(s) in checklist name or contents
comment:keyword(s)Cards with keyword(s) in comment
is:starredCards on starred boards
is:openOpen or active cards
is:archivedArchived cards
has:attachmentsCards with attachments
has:descriptionCards with a description
has:coverCards with a cover
has:membersCards with members assigned
has:stickersCards with stickers
due:dayCards due in the next 24 hours
due:weekCards due in the next 7 days
due:monthCards due in the next 28 days
due:overdueCards that are past due
due:completeCards that are incomplete
due:incompleteCards that have due dates marked complete
created:dayCards created in the last 24 hours
created:weekCards created in the last 7 days
created:monthCards created in the last 28 days
created:XCards created in the last X days
edited:dayCards edited in the last 24 hours
edited:weekCards edited in the last 7 days
edited:monthCards edited in the last 28 days
edited:XCards edited in the last X days
⁴sort:createdSorts cards by date created
⁴sort:editedSorts cards by date edited
⁴sort:dueSorts cards by due date
-operatorExclude results matching operator
Markdown Syntax - I
Works in card descriptions, comments, checklists, and your Trello bio.
**text**Emphasize text in bold letters
*text*Italicize text
~~text~~Strike through text
[Anchor_Text][URL]Create hyperlink
`text`Insert code inline
\textIgnore Markdown formatting for text
⁵![Alt_Text](/path/to/img.jpg)Embed image
Markdown Syntax - II
Works in card descriptions and comments.
---Insert horizontal line
```text```Insert formatted code
>textIndent line of text (or insert block quote)
#textFormat as H1 header
##textFormat as H2 header
###textFormat as H2 header
Format as H2 header
Your Home
¹Hover over card to insert new card below it. Hover over list name to insert card at bottom of list.

²On Mac keyboards, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

³Works with select menus only.

⁴Works only when used with regular search operators.

⁵Works in card descriptions only.

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