How Trello Can Make You Better at Romance

Sandy Writtenhouse 13-02-2018

Trello is a terrific tool for managing projects of most any size. With its visual method of organization, extensive features, and wide availability, Trello is ideal for both business and personal projects.


So, why not let it help you with romance? Yes, you read that right, romance! If you want to plan that perfect night, weekend, or big event, here are some tips to make Trello your planning partner.

Design Your Date Night

How often do you spend a romantic evening with your sweetheart? Whether it’s a table for two and blockbuster movie or a candlelit dinner at home with soft music The 50 Best Love Songs to Stream on Valentine's Day Here are the best love songs to stream this Valentine's Day, plus an explanation of how to create your own Valentine's playlists. Read More , those date nights are important.

With Trello, you can plan it perfectly and surprise your loved one or share ideas and decide together how to spend your night. One way to plan your evening is to create a board just for it.

Click Create a New Board from your main boards’ screen. Then just give it a name. You can create lists of the possible places you might go on your date.

For example, create a list for restaurants and another for activities. Just add cards for the options. You might also create a list for the items you pick and move the cards there after you decide.


trello tips love romance dates

With Trello cards, you can add plenty of details. For instance, for the restaurant cards, you could include a photo, their website link, their hours, and even their menu. You can also add comments and mention your partner to share it and make it stand out.

trello tips love romance dates

Trello Stickers are another cool enhancement to any card. The green checkmark you see in the screenshot is just one option. On your Date Night Board, click Show Menu from the top right, select Stickers, and then just drag one over to a card.


trello tips love romance dates

Organize Your Romantic Getaway

When you are ready to plan your next romantic getaway 5 Travel Sites to Bookmark Before Your Next Trip Make any trip better. From travel databases to AI assistants to tools for finding nearby events, there's something in this list you'll find useful. Read More , you’ll need to find a spot, book a hotel, and maybe even make restaurant or tour reservations.

Trello can help keep all your plans together. And you can use the mobile app to bring your arrangements with you when you head out.

For your plans, you could create a Weekend Getaway board and add lists for the various pieces. A list of things to do before you go could include picking a spot, choosing a hotel, and getting driving directions. Another list for making reservations would have cards for the hotel, restaurants, and tours that require a booking.


A preparation list might have cards for shopping and packing. You can also create a list of completed items and move cards over as you finish those arrangements.

trello tips love romance dates

Take advantage of Trello’s Checklists for more than just tasks. For example, you might make a list of the activities you are planning to do on your trip. If you like, you can cross them off as you do them using the mobile app. But the checklist is just handy for planning out lists of items.

trello tips love romance dates


Download: Trello for Android | iOS (Free)

Plan Your Engagement or Anniversary Party

A party might not be considered romantic, but when its one to celebrate your love and commitment, it’s a special event.

Maybe you just got engaged and want to celebrate with friends and family. Or maybe you are having a momentous anniversary of 10 or 25 years that deserves a party. Either way, planning parties 13 iPhone Apps to Plan and Host an Awesome Party If you're hosting a party, you'll want to get things just right. Fortunately there are some geat apps designed to help everything go smoothly. Read More like these is easy with Trello.

Create a board for the party and then lists for items like possible dates, locations, a theme, and invitations. Like the other examples, you can attach photos to cards and create card covers How to Keep Trello Lists More Organized With Card Covers Trello organization can quickly get out of hand, but you can make your life easier by using card image covers as visual cues. Read More , which is a great way to spot what you pick at a glance.

trello tips love romance dates

Trello also offers a due date feature that is convenient when you need to make a decision by a specific date. For instance, if you have to decide on the number of guests you are inviting, pop the due date right onto that card. And you can check out options for reminders in Trello.

trello tips love romance dates

You might also check out the email-to-board feature. Say you are in the office and a coworker sends you an email for a terrific place to order invitations. You could forward that email to your Trello email address and have a card created automatically on your list.

trello tips love romance dates

To obtain your Trello email address, click the Show Menu link at the top of the board, More, and then Email-to-Board Settings. Choose the list and position and just copy the email. Then save the email address so that in the future, any time you want to create a card, you have it at your fingertips.

Coordinate Your Wedding Plans

When you’re getting ready to say “I do,” there can be a lot involved. It doesn’t matter if you are having a huge wedding with hundreds of guests or an intimate ceremony with just a few.

You have to coordinate the wedding Weddings Are Stressful: 12 Websites for Stress-Free Planning While wedding planning will never be easy, it certainly doesn't have to be stressful. How much easier wedding planning can be if someone just pointed you to the right tools. Read More with essentials like the spot, a florist, and a wedding photographer at the very least. But you might also need to arrange for a reception hall, caterer, limousine, and entertainment. Keep all plans in one place with Trello and keep your sanity too.

For wedding planning, you can create and organize your board in a couple of different ways. Depending on the wedding size or your preferred style of organization, here are two suggestions.

First, organize the lists on your board according to parts of the wedding. For example, you can have lists for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Each list would contain cards for the pieces. For instance, the ceremony list might have cards for location, florists, photographers, and invitations.

trello tips love romance dates

Then, use the checklist feature mentioned above for the possible options on each card. This method works well for smaller weddings.

A larger wedding may need different layers of organization. Make a list for each service. Create lists for locations, florists, photographers, and invitations, and have cards in each for the options.

trello tips love romance dates

This is a handy way to do it when you have many decisions to make. You can include all details such as photos, pricing, addresses, and phone numbers for each service on its own card.

Keep Track of Your Gifts and Ideas

You may not think about keeping track of the gifts you buy over the years. But after so many Valentine’s Days and anniversaries, it can be easy to forget the exact gifts you’ve bought (and in what sizes).

In addition to keeping track of gifts, Trello can give you a fun and easy way to look back and reminisce over those romantic presents you purchased.

trello tips love romance dates

Also, pop gift ideas for the next holiday into Trello and prepare for the next gift giving season. This is a wonderful place to keep track of items like the diamond engagement or anniversary rings you’re deciding on.

You might use the checklist feature to list the jewelers you want to shop at and mark them off the list if they don’t have the ring you want. You can also use the comment feature to add your honey’s ring size, favorite diamond cut, or preferred precious metal.

trello tips love romance dates

One More Tip: Share Your Trello Board

With Trello, you can share boards with others. So, you could create a board for you and your partner. Then, whenever you want to plan something together, you will each have access to the board. This is an excellent way to always share the planning like any good team.

trello tips love romance dates

To do this, scroll to the bottom of your main boards screen and click Create a New Team. Then just give it a name, like “Team Us” or “The Smith Team”. Once you create the team, you will see it on your main screen. To invite your partner, click Settings next to the board name, the Members tab, and then Add by Name or Email. It’s as simple as that!

trello tips love romance dates

Your sweetheart will receive an email with a link to the board. Then, you are both on the cusp of planning your events together.

Are You in the Mood for Romance?

Romance should come more than once a year on Valentine’s Day. And with a bit of foresight and planning, you can create a memorable night, weekend, or event easily with Trello.

And there are even more unique ways you can use Trello 10 Unique Uses of Trello Other Than Project Management Trello is a list lover's delight. Its Kanban-style approach was not meant just for project management. Don't believe us? Look at these ten unique uses of Trello. Read More for other areas of your personal life.

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  1. Jeni
    February 13, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    Absolutely love Trello. My husband and I used it to plan our wedding, organize tasks when we bought our house, and now for planning on our baby's arrival. We also use it for meal planning during the week, date nights, goal setting and I use it at work for everything(sales pioelines, planning marketing campaigns, event planning). Also has a million integrations with zapier and IFFT that make my life so much more streamlined. My favorite tool hands down. Super versatile and great for just about everything!

  2. Greg
    February 13, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    Yes! This is what Trello is about: making lists of stuff. Well done breaking out of the project management mold.