5 Unique Travel Planning Apps to Find Your Next Trip

Mihir Patkar 18-12-2018

Can’t figure out where to go next? These apps will help you find your next destination based on unique filters, like weather, visa requirements, regions, and more.


When you’re going on vacation, it’s all about where you go. Even when you have a place in mind, there are different considerations you need to make. The budget to travel there, the kind of weather you can expect, whether you need a visa or not, and so on. Sometimes, you want to go to multiple places but can’t figure out how to make it work.

But there are always apps to make things a little easier.

JetSet Weather (Web): Find Destinations Based On Average Weather

Jetset Weather finds travel destinations based on weather and temperature

They say the best apps are those that come from the maker fulfilling their own needs. JetSet Weather’s developer Emin Sinani built the app after not finding any way to filter destinations based on the kind of weather you can expect.

Travel is about change and a lot of the time, you desire that change in the form of weather. If you’re in a cold place, then you want a warm destination and vice versa. You can search for a destination, but the best feature is the Explore tab. Here, you can set filters for the type of temperature you’re looking for, which region you want to visit, when you’re visiting, as well as flight preferences. JetSet Weather will update the results according to what you choose.


The website also has a handy “Compare” feature. In this, you can add multiple cities that you’ve wanted to visit. In a calendar view, you will see their average temperature in each month, as well as average flight costs. It’s really cool and a great way to decide where to visit and when to visit.

VisaList (Web): Find Visa Requirements Based On Nationality

Some passports are stronger than others. But no matter which country you are from, there are some nations that require a visa to travel to. VisaList is the easy way to find everything you need to know.

Put in your home country and the app will generate a data map. You can immediately see which countries you can travel visa-free, visa on arrival, with an e-visa, or have to apply for a visa. Click on any country and you’ll get more details, like what you need to apply for the visa, how to apply for it, and any other essentials. It’s a simple one-stop destination to get all the information you need.

Like the best decision-making travel tools Where Should I Go Next? 5 Decision-Making Travel Tools to Find a Destination When you are stuck at a travel decision, use these easy travel planning apps to find your next destination. Read More , VisaList can be used to filter destinations based on how much trouble you are willing to go through for a visa. If you want to travel quickly, the website can help find easy-to-go places.

Eightydays.Me (Web): Multi-Destination Europe Trips

EightyDays suggests multi destination european trips

Eightydays.Me might be a play on the classic novel, but it won’t take you around the world. Instead, it focuses only on Europe. But it nonetheless helps you plan a multi-destination trip across the continent.

There are different types of European trips you can choose from, like the mainland, Schengen only, Balkans, sunny destinations, and so on. What you need is your point of origin (and if it’s a round trip), as well as the travel dates.

After that, uncheck the “Anywhere” box ticked by default. Now you can add cities that you absolutely want to visit. Click the “Design Adventure” button to get recommendations from Eightydays.Me for a travel plan.

Plotted on a map, you can change the plan based on budget, or the number of cities you want to visit. Play around with the app and get different recommendations. You might discover places you didn’t know about, and find something interesting to do.

Great Escape (Web): Filters for Price, Visa, and Interests

Find next place to travel with Great Escape

Great Escape combines many of the things we like about the other apps and throws in a little more. While the end result has weather, price, visa requirements, and regional specifications, not all of it can be filtered or searched easily.

Set your home country or point of origin, and the site lets you adjust multiple filters such as the budget, how many stops in the flight, visa requirements, and the popularity of the destination. You can also set a country or a region that you want to visit, to get specific recommendations.

Your results are plotted on a map, showing the flight tracks to the destination. Click any destination and you’ll get more details, such as why Great Escape recommends going there. You’ll find information on what’s interesting there, the average temperature, a few pictures, and flight prices from Skyscanner. You can then use that to score cheaper tickets on Skyscanner 5 Tips for Scoring Cheap Flight Tickets With Skyscanner If you're planning on taking a trip, Skyscanner can save you tons of money with cheap flight tickets. Here are a few tricks you should know about. Read More .

MyTravelPersonality (Web, Android, iOS): Tinder-Like Trip Choices Based On AI

MyTravelPersonality uses a combination of artificial intelligence and Tinder-like design to create a profile of what you like and don’t like. Based on that, it will give you recommendations of where to travel.

Here’s how it works. Once you sign up, you will be shown a series of pictures, each with a caption describing the activity. Swipe right if it’s something you’d like to do or see, and swipe left if you don’t like it. The more you do this, the better MyTravelPersonality’s algorithm will build a profile of your travel tastes.

At any point, jump into the recommended destinations for you. You can add a bunch of filters to these, like weather, dates, flight costs, cost of living, type of activities, and so on. Destinations can be saved to a travel map for places you have visited or plan to go to.

Download: MyTravelPersonality for Android [Broken URL Removed] | iOS (Free)

How About a Random Destination?

With all of these travel planning apps, you should be able to find a place to visit based on your unique requirements. It’s also a good idea to use some of these together, such as finding a place through MyTravelPersonality, getting a plan from EightyDays that includes the city, and then checking visa requirements on VisaList.

Know where you’re going? Take the next step and make sure you know how to pack properly for trips and vacations.

But instead of all of this planning and filter, there is one other option. Let luck and serendipity guide you to your next adventure. Take a risk and pick a random destination to travel to Randomly Pick Your Next Travel Destination With These 5 Sites When you can't decide where to travel, let fate pick the destination. Or use these cool sites to tell you where to go just as randomly. Read More .

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