Transposr: Transpose audio files from one musical key to another
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Listening to the same track in a different key is something that can greatly help musicians in figuring out which sound is best for a song. One site that make a good enough key conversion of audio is Transposr.

transpose audio files

Transposr is a free and simple to website that lets you transpose audio files from one key to another. You can either upload an audio file or enter the original chord chart as text. The next step is to select the track’s original key and the new key.

Finally you click on the “Transpose Now!” button and your track is processed. After a few moments, you are provided with the downloaded link of the transposed audio that is available in mp3 file format. The audio quality of the mp3 is not very high but it is a good measure of what the track will sound like in your selected key.

transpose mp3 files


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